Tara Long Destructoid Animated
I made this animated gif of Tara Long (of Destructoid fame) and posted it on 4chan (local mirror). She saw it and mentioned it on the show. Thus my creepy internet behaviour is rewarded. I know there is a specific psychological disorder where you think people on tv are communicating directly to you and you impart personal significance to insignificant things that they do, but I can't remember what it's called. Anyway, now I have that.

Secret Bonus GIF

Darren2011-01-13 19:23:17
your wife? ;)
Bloody Mary2011-01-13 23:04:38
Bloody Mary2011-01-13 23:10:14
"Send me a signal such as looking at the camera or blinking."
That was hilarious.
So was that one guy that thought you were serious.
Mansour2011-01-15 21:18:27
It's called 'delusion of reference' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delusions_of_reference
Smuggler2011-01-16 03:18:58
Um...I don't get it?

Is it just supposed to be hot, or funny too?
?2011-02-22 00:06:00
im sorry but how old are you XD
All I know is2011-03-04 11:48:21
I really like food.
pickle4302011-04-07 05:58:19
she's hot ;-)
Munchie2011-06-21 18:39:34
I Wanna Sniff Of That. I Know She's Got It With Her.
2011-08-22 04:52:40
Is It Really Important To Talk Like This?
TARA LONG IS HOT2012-01-07 17:45:07
oh man, she is HOT...wish there were more shit like this something longer or with a few nude shots ;)
Master Blaster2012-02-26 06:43:20
TARA LONG :o 2012-09-10 15:58:42
She is hotm if she did nude.. fuck me!
jim2017-11-10 04:10:01

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