Pontifex Jump
A creative solution to the first level in Pontifex.

Black2005-10-06 23:25:48
i tried that it failed miserably
Badspot2005-10-11 17:45:33
You have to start the car moving at exactly the right time. You cant just start it and let the car go whenever.
napalm2005-11-08 02:55:47
how in the hell does the car go fast enough to make that?
Badspot2005-11-08 17:56:55
It gets about half way a cross the ramp before it starts to fall. So it sort of gets flung across by the collapsing bridge
Packer2006-08-30 08:28:55
This Reminds me of my Bridges I whould Make them so they slowly Fall apart while the Train or Vehicle crosses it.
Jay Ray2006-12-22 02:30:54
I love doing that :)
trooper!2007-03-29 03:49:05
what game is dat tell me the game now or i shall hate yo forver (ps) i lie pie andi was lieing tell me the game tho
Badspot2007-03-29 04:17:44
it says in the description
Spation2007-04-11 17:46:24
Yeah, I made a bridge that collapsed just at the end of the second train passing on level 4.
laremere2007-08-13 06:40:31
I went to the Website, but you have to buy it, and it is with trains and not cars, is there anyway to get the version shown? (it says it used to be freeware, but now is retail....remind you of something that you also build in?)
Knaz2008-08-23 01:15:12
I used to get SO angry over that go. I can't handle incredibly hard puzzles although, theres nothing better then watching a train/car go along a bridge while it slowly collapses behind them ;)
noobs2008-09-29 23:48:30
whut ghame is dise/
barney; yur a dooshbag
Jungle Ranger2009-04-11 23:14:48
Yes this game can be bought, and there is a demo at:

Dooshbag(Fix: dOUCHEbag)
PROTIP: This game is Bridge Construction, something like that
GAMESIZE: That car is a hatchback.
yippi cai'ey2009-07-16 20:29:26
lol funny name "Yippi cai'ey"!!!
amberking2009-07-28 00:49:18
hah I love pointifex :)
2009-08-30 01:53:09
i tried pontifex, it used trains. Not cars.that was the demo, thoough
Butler2009-12-14 04:16:25
I failed miserably on Demo 4
Conan2010-06-26 02:48:32
Smart solution. I wish bridges in real life would imitate this. But then, life isn't an action adventure.

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