Star Dude

Packer2005-10-04 10:31:39
Go Space man
Firefly2005-10-07 22:43:41
This is Flash not Paint. I can kind of tell by the very smooth gradient
Badspot2005-10-11 17:48:55
Actually its from some ancient paint shop like program. I don't think flash was even around when I made this. Its really old.
[email protected]2011-06-11 18:33:13
Badspot yu 'modater
Shisutemu Seigyo2014-05-22 01:41:30
What program for painting did you use? And if you used MS Paint, how did you get the gradient/Rock texture?
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 21:54:17
can you tell me the name of the program? if not, then that's ok...

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