Super Chao2011-04-15 21:00:14
Ryan, maybe you live a place where there are no earwigs.
Super Chao2011-04-10 21:44:01
Who is Kompressor?
Super Chao2011-04-10 21:21:11
Intrests, what kind of pc you have(:D), what games we can have contact with you in, that stuff. maybe the job you have too.
Super Chao2011-04-10 21:09:16
Gah Ow!
Super Chao2011-03-27 17:58:10
i feel bad now :'c
Super Chao2011-03-21 14:37:27

Well, this cleared out some things for me.
Super Chao2011-03-21 14:36:47
Well, this cleared things yo for me.
Super Chao2010-06-20 14:21:18
Max Payne 2 is a awesome game, i had it on my old computer, and i almoast finished it, but the PC crashed and wouldnt start again, so i have to Install it on my new PC :S

P.S, the game wasnt even mine :P
Super Chao2010-06-20 13:43:54
Why the F**k did she smash the damn guitar in hes backhead?