Guilty Bystander2011-12-24 22:00:58
Optional caption: "I'm tired of your obfuscatory circumlocutions/blasphemous prevarications/didactic intimations."

And thank God you're back to doing these. I was browsing DA and recognized the purple armor to my happy surprise. Is that just what Shepard wears while working for Cerberus?
Guilty Bystander2011-06-05 21:03:00
I like how they're following the gun safety rule of keeping their fingers off the triggers until they have a target.
Guilty Bystander2011-03-13 19:54:36
Beautiful. Thank you again.
I'll repeat what someone else said - these are better than all the comics that are officially tied to BioWare (Penny Arcade, Redemption, etc). I can quantify that simply by how often I hit "refresh" to check for new stuff (here, more than once a day; the others, uh, never).
Guilty Bystander2011-03-13 04:36:00
Fantastic. Any chance you can put up panel 1 as well?

Thank you!
Guilty Bystander2011-03-08 20:53:20
@Bloody Mary

I know, things just get better and better. Although Natalie apparently has her own room, perhaps as punishment for waking her roommates in the middle of the night and feeding them chicken embryos.
Guilty Bystander2011-03-05 04:51:14
@Bloody Mary
I like how she looks so cute in the first panel as well.
Though I am surprised the good doctor isn't drawn as milf-a-licious :)

Look down a ways, she has even worse problems than that :(
Guilty Bystander2011-03-03 22:02:33
Your FemShep gets cuter with every strip. Thanks and I hope you keep making these!

Here's another little mistake that machine might be used to fix. (NOT safe for work.)
Guilty Bystander2011-02-18 07:46:37
I make that comment on "Medical Supplies" and then I stumble across this. It's like Badspot is a god who actually listens.
Guilty Bystander2011-02-18 07:39:13
No kidding. Our world must be Badspot World's hell.
Guilty Bystander2011-02-18 07:31:15
"Continuity. It has been established that shepard does not wear shoes:"

That's hot, I'll just admit it and get it over with.

"Better question why isn't she naked? :O"

Haha, so true.

Glad to see you're doing these again Badspot.