SeventhSandwich2014-10-06 02:06:42
Takes some serious cojones to fuck up a map so badly that you have to build a catapult that links both halves of the map.

All complete with a written apology.
SeventhSandwich2014-06-28 05:34:13
"there's nothing really wrong with this analogy, but as long as I call it a strawman, someone's bound to agree with me"
SeventhSandwich2014-04-18 04:40:27
SeventhSandwich2012-09-16 03:51:17
best South Park episode ever.
SeventhSandwich2012-05-18 04:45:52
thank you for the permalink, sir.
SeventhSandwich2012-05-09 06:33:30
Heheh, Butthead, he said shit!
SeventhSandwich2012-04-22 02:08:22
How can I learn more cool words like detritus?
SeventhSandwich2012-03-24 01:05:53
just out of curiosity, would you personally recommend I buy Mass Effect 3?
SeventhSandwich2012-03-05 06:59:29
is the entire game as big a teaser as this?
SeventhSandwich2012-03-01 04:24:05
I don't get it! :)
SeventhSandwich2011-10-05 06:00:19
SeventhSandwich2011-09-19 12:13:35
I had a very very similar experience regarding a broken toilet handle, Thai cuisine induced diarrhea, a church, and a piano lesson.

It's one of the main reasons I carry around a swiss army knife at all times.
SeventhSandwich2011-09-07 00:49:36

Oh jesus christ this better not mean what I think it means.
SeventhSandwich2011-08-06 10:31:52
I approve of those fine boobs.
SeventhSandwich2011-08-03 13:14:12
dat ass.
SeventhSandwich2011-07-09 09:39:48
I probably wouldn't have seen this without subscribing to the RSS feed.

Pretty useful.
SeventhSandwich2011-03-05 01:37:26
@Guilty Bystander
SeventhSandwich2011-02-14 23:32:04
In that case Iban, I love Badspot's world.
SeventhSandwich2010-12-04 18:10:44
SeventhSandwich2010-09-07 00:01:26
Best admin evar
SeventhSandwich2009-09-13 04:03:44
Speaking of which, the gun wielder doesn't wear glasses. I would love it if you photo shopped the GIF file to make the man look exactly like you.

Just saying...