Trogtor2018-07-07 19:49:10
Here at Simple Machine Forum, we spend our days living by the honor system. We expect all of our users to be kind and to not take advantage of our fragile forum system.
Trogtor2018-07-06 18:02:27
this shit is actually fucking down bro
Trogtor2018-07-05 20:31:05
will this new forum have ligma support?
Trogtor2016-10-29 18:41:25
then you keep pressing A and it restarts the dialogue
trogtor2016-02-22 05:06:55
i got that guys autograph
Trogtor2014-10-07 20:01:24
Trogtor2014-06-29 01:19:24
Wow this looks amazing. Can't wait to play it once you're done with it.
Trogtor2013-12-19 00:44:12
Oh god I lost it again
Trogtor2013-12-19 00:41:03
"Why does that one guy always get a club?"

I lost it
Trogtor2012-12-03 23:43:45
@jph I'm getting this too.
Trogtor2012-12-02 06:57:35
I've notices some glitches playing.

If you jump and ground pound multiple times somehow you will keep flying up until you ground pound again.

You can go through sand by going to the side of it (not sure if this is glitch or made like that)
Trogtor2012-12-02 02:49:48
Guys, don't extract the game, just play it.
Trogtor2012-12-01 17:45:16
Anyways, This looks like a great game. I will definitively buy it when it is finished. You have my word.
Trogtor2012-12-01 17:43:26
I think you messed up the FAQ, question answer 3 where it says "How Long did it take you to complete the prototype?"
Trogtor2012-07-04 19:21:34
God damn Badspot this looks pretty cool. What program are you using?
Trogtor2012-06-20 17:51:59
A bat flew into my dads car and hit him in the head

it died
Trogtor2012-02-08 03:52:08
This is funny
Trogtor2011-12-04 01:39:59
Because soap burned your skin back then.
Trogtor2011-10-17 06:22:27
That is some nice pussy you got there
Trogtor2011-08-31 17:02:01
Its his Masturbation Machine
Trogtor2011-08-31 16:59:23
My parents had one of these.
Trogtor2011-07-14 06:17:53
Oh wait it is Copper Tone lol
Trogtor2011-05-16 09:20:52
"Im melting! Im melting!"
Trogtor2011-05-16 09:11:41
I'd tap that...
Trogtor2011-05-16 09:10:42
Trogtor2011-05-16 09:10:02
Lol, she's wearing m0m jeans.
Trogtor2011-05-16 09:09:21
This actually reminds me of the Sun Lotion. I can't recall what it is called. It has the little girl with the dog pulling her pants back showing half of her ass.
Trogtor2011-05-16 08:41:12
I Lol'd