Coppertone Spoof
A coppertone spoof that some guy was going to pay me to do 3 years ago, but then he faded away. The sketch looked pretty good, so I finished it up today.

Shaun2007-02-01 02:34:45
Wow...2007-02-06 23:59:41
Nice arse...
Person2007-04-03 09:58:51
Why is her left foot sinking into the sand so deep....and why is she barefoot on a hot beach like that?
Badspot2007-04-13 17:13:58
It's sinking into the sand because that's the foot that all of her weight is on.
[email protected]2007-10-26 17:20:18
Shame about that guy...but anyway

Waffle2008-04-01 23:51:19
LOL Perverted dog want some ass :0
LewnaJa2008-09-16 22:21:00
Dvpainter2008-11-02 13:32:57
WOW three words to say:

Pixl2009-03-14 06:03:32
I like the dogs smile
Blockman50002009-05-10 03:00:31
LewnaJa2009-07-25 07:12:01
fucking pervert
amberking2009-07-28 00:52:09
mewantsexnow kthxgg
Teh pwner2009-09-04 23:15:32
LewnaJa go away will you?! NO ONE IN THE F*CKING WORLD WILL LISTEN TO YOU! Besides, Badspot is no perv, he just likes the kind of artwork, OK?!
Boomshicleafaunda2009-12-05 08:03:12
I want a dog like that. XD
LewnaJa2009-12-12 01:17:08
mcfaty2009-12-22 05:54:30
*kicks dog out of the way and ass rapes her*
LewnaJa2010-02-26 23:51:43
No u
tony02222010-05-03 01:28:43
damn nice ass on her. great job badspot.
Ector2010-05-31 22:55:44
dat ass
Shadowed9992010-09-28 01:30:56
Badspot you....
dat ass2010-10-24 03:24:50
dat ass
Trogtor2011-05-16 09:09:21
This actually reminds me of the Sun Lotion. I can't recall what it is called. It has the little girl with the dog pulling her pants back showing half of her ass.
Munchie2011-06-21 18:47:00
I Wish I Was The Dog. He's Got a Better View. TEE HEE HEE.
Trogtor2011-07-14 06:17:53
Oh wait it is Copper Tone lol
bejacks2012-05-17 05:22:24
beasty2013-12-21 05:13:39
badspot is a better artist than a game developer :U

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