Comic Shit 1
Mr.Standstill maintains his vow of silence and not movingness.

Comic 'Shit #1'

Panel 1
Mr.Movement: Ergh... 'scuse me I gotta drop the kids off at the pool

Panel 2
Mr.Movement: If you know what I mean

Panel 3
Mr.Movement: I'm going to shit in your pool

Gear2012-05-08 12:31:05
Feces jokes are the best jokes I guess ?
Euphrates2012-05-08 18:52:06
Wait, what?
LOL :D2012-05-08 21:50:00
SeventhSandwich2012-05-09 02:33:30
Heheh, Butthead, he said shit!
Mr.Noody2012-05-09 16:53:03
Heh, this one is clever. The way the punchline is beamed over your head is funny in itself. Good work.
lockhead2012-05-09 21:12:21
Very nice. I took a picture of the last panel printed out and taped it to my friends back during school.
Gummy2012-08-03 16:32:18
Eh, not as funny as i thought but the name of it "Shit #1" it cracked me up!
awesomebread2012-10-21 00:28:57
He must think he's joking too.
}]Crazy[{2014-05-31 14:30:54
wow badspot
you sure did
crap me up
get it, crap not crack (tiny hahahahah)
Sideswipe2014-07-17 17:30:27
I hope he doesn't shit in a bad spot
get it

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