Rotondo and I played Battlefield 3.

The only amazing part of this video is that we are both in the same squad. The rest is just normal gameplay.

Zookuw2011-10-05 02:15:29
In the same squad, how is that possible!?
SeventhSandwich2011-10-05 06:00:19
JesusFish2011-10-07 03:39:12
I really enjoyed your voice.
Stellar2011-10-08 03:39:24
You should make a youtube channel, I would sub to it!
ZSNO2011-10-11 00:01:19
Badspot has pretty cool voice.
"I'm shootin' ya dude!"
I think Rotondo is having too much fun
FrozenCitruS2011-10-23 04:04:55
Badspot & Rotondo - a stupid webseries
do it
Max2011-12-10 12:18:21
Badspot I like videos but how old are you? You don't gotta awnser C:.

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