The secret 4th ending to Mass Effect 3?

Blank2012-03-22 19:55:57
You would think something this severe and easily accessible would have been addressed... but NOPE.
anon2012-03-22 21:03:18
still a better ending than the other 3.
random2012-03-22 23:28:33
Lol this happened to me while I was on the Normandy and I forgot to save for a while... I was pretty annoyed
Cyphre2012-03-23 01:22:01
Just wish there was a falling and death sequence to that...
shepard2012-03-23 12:13:09
SeventhSandwich2012-03-23 21:05:53
just out of curiosity, would you personally recommend I buy Mass Effect 3?
Matthew2012-03-23 22:38:12
Nice :)
Strelok2012-03-24 01:13:15
oh bioware you so silly
UthersonL2012-03-27 16:27:26
Now that's an ending in which your decisions matter. Like when you decided to walk into a gap.
dany2012-03-28 14:59:14
SeventhSandwich I recomand you to buy ME3 it is a great game,it is in awesome game especialy if you have played the other 2 as well. There it is only one thig that ruines the game...the las 15-20 minutes:((((
Commander Shepard2012-03-28 22:03:24
I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite ending on the Citadel.
LynchCommander2012-04-03 18:40:51
Don't listen to dany. Mass Effect 3 is a terrible clone of Gears of War, don't waste your money.
Mike Jones2012-04-03 19:45:22
Spike Spiegel2012-04-06 15:06:55
Hi, I'm falling off the Crucible, so could I get a lift from hmm, Turian cruiser oops, Reaper got you. Hey, Trident fighter! Damn, too fast. Oh, look! Destiny Ascension, little help here!
hlcws2012-04-23 04:53:59
now add The Fountain music....
Matt Sand Cassle2012-05-06 11:57:51
@LynchCommander, ME3 doesn't play like GoW. Are you fucking retarded? The only thing they have in common is a gun being shot. Wow, way to connect the dots.
Durty Rat2012-10-14 01:44:00
ME3 is a great game if you like shooting things. If you give a damn about plot and story, steer well clear. The original ending is the worst I have ever encountered in any work of fiction in any medium. The Extended Cut "fix" plasters over the most superficial flaws, but does nothing to fix the real problems.

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