Mixmasta2006-02-18 04:16:54
Did you make this? It's very good.
Badspot2006-02-18 21:44:17
Yes, Thanks. This was the last thing I made in raydream studio (around 10th grade).
Otis Da HousKat2006-09-24 11:50:30
Looks like it's out of some survival horror game O_O
Nick2006-11-03 20:08:37
yuki2006-11-12 06:25:04
yeah... wait no reflection!!!
Bacon2007-04-03 04:49:25
That's because you play a vampire in a house full of zombies who want to eat you.
D (The name os a Sega Saturn game...1 letter XD) is a VERY good Survival Horror Game. VERY good, you should look it up sometime, maybe even get it on a ROM
Bacon2007-04-03 04:50:41
Also, :(
i c wut2008-02-06 22:17:01
u did thar
leif162008-08-28 19:16:37
man thats a high qaulity video
Will Smith 2009-03-21 20:27:52
THATS REALLY cool except i think somethin will pop out at me
Hydralisk2010-07-05 11:19:46
Map - Bathroom
Alex Man!2011-05-14 23:41:12

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