Comic Biodegrading
This isn't so much a joke as it is an excerpt from my autobiography.

Comic 'Biodegrading'

Panel 1
Flower Girl: You know, paper towels are wasteful. You should use a sponge instead.

Panel 2
[Looks at paper towels]

Panel 3
Dude: It's pretty hard to jerk off into a sponge.

Solid2010-07-18 22:29:25
PJ Boy2010-07-18 22:29:57
Now I see why you're still single.
Spock2010-07-18 22:49:54
PJ Boy is dumb and stupid.

this is funny, but I miss the ogleable chicks :c
Kevdude2010-07-19 01:49:59
Very funny. PJ is making shit up that he gets pussy
comad2010-07-19 06:36:49
I bet badspot is a true playa but he doesnt tell us about it because he doesnt feel like it and he cares about his girl too much to post about her on the internet lol
Whoda2010-07-19 14:19:38
He did many asian girls before ;)
2010-07-19 22:44:16
Not if you make the sponge moist first.
Tom2010-07-20 00:41:40
So that would explain all those paper towels in my dad's closet.
Hawk2010-07-20 00:44:07
Namg2010-07-20 00:57:10
I came.
Col.Burton2010-07-20 05:32:53
I laughed so hard...
2010-07-21 11:58:13
You still manage to draw stick figures sexy.
Placid2010-08-08 00:33:54
That was incredible. nice job.
Loopyla1/Kohna2010-08-11 01:14:36
Fuck TP, use her face.
Areous2010-09-08 04:22:42
Wait, badspot is single?

Then Ephialtes is a giant liar.

He said: "Oh yeah, i visit badspot's house almost every day and take care of his kids for em."

I feel stupid for listening to him :c
Acid's Plain2010-09-12 13:58:24
Ephi just loves to screw with people. I recommend to only talk to him when you REALLY need help or something.
Wynd Fox2011-02-20 07:07:58
Uh... Ephi lives in England, Badspot in Oregon. Pretty sure he was lying.
Bwopper2014-07-24 17:05:24
Just like my friend.. Good times.
PixelCrunch2016-12-12 21:45:47

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