A condensation of the anime Claymore. Spoiler: Shit gets chopped off.

Jetz2012-01-21 12:05:30
Why are so many people filled with grape jelly?
Badspot2012-01-21 12:38:31
It is the most delicious of jellies.
Nero25252012-01-21 13:39:54
o.o < my reaction in a nutshell
acce2452012-01-21 13:55:16
I fall to pieces. -Patsy Cline
Black Knight2012-01-21 13:55:56
Just a flesh wound.
Marcem2012-01-21 14:23:58
Pretty sure I heard the Half-Life 2 watermelon sounds in there a few times, as well as every Tony Hawk's Pro Skater fall sound effect.
Vernion2012-01-21 15:50:30
Menen2012-01-21 16:35:22
They love cutting their arms off. huh?
Badspot2012-01-21 16:37:27
Cutting your arms off is like the claymore secret handshake.
Isolation2012-01-21 16:59:19
That's some messed up jelly factory;p
LMAORIO2012-01-21 17:25:16
Are they ok?
ultimamax2012-01-21 23:40:40
it seems they have no bones
and bleeding grape fanta?
Vinny2012-01-22 02:04:30
I gotta HAND it to them. They've got quite a GRIPPING story line.
Bon2012-01-24 22:25:08
Wow, I think I've seen my violence quota for the decade...
2012-01-25 19:44:53
Did they died?
Strelok2012-01-27 06:30:35
hahahah thats great and i dont know why.
2012-01-27 08:01:36
Quontos2012-02-01 18:49:13
We could have avoided the loss of limbs!
But then Smuckers would be out of business...
Not to mention how boring it would be if no one got torn apart in screaming vicious, torturous, painful agony, right?
Quontos2012-02-01 18:56:18
Oh, and my other favorite part.
"One blow isn't enough, hes too hard!"
You never fail to supply me with a good laugh, Eric.
Devvy2012-02-07 12:13:27
2012-02-16 13:57:23
Looks like those claymores could do with a HAND
Bara no Hime2012-03-02 02:02:09
To the people asking about grape jelly - the demons bleed purple. For... some reason.
Also, that video represents about 100 female characters... 5 of which survive to the end of the series. Although, to be fair, the main character does get her limbs cut off (and reattached several times).
Eluxsam2012-03-02 02:50:07
I want to drink all that grape juice
pentax 2012-03-23 23:22:11
this had almost made me vomit . probably not the best thing to watch even though it is a cartoon . :P badspot how many random peoples servers have you been to on blockland just asking ?
lord tony2012-04-09 08:43:36
pfft anime is for pussies
yuuka2012-04-15 21:59:24
let them rest in pizza
WhiteStorm2012-05-01 23:04:51
these bitches got balls
Bubbler2012-05-14 20:36:34
boy badspot are you addicted to gore :P
Mustang2012-05-24 17:35:47
I love how so many women get mauled in the chest and head by those tentacle/spike things.
Shadowed9992012-05-27 05:53:15
I don't think I'll ever see jelly the same way after watching this...
soem gui loel2012-06-11 08:41:22
@Marcem They are stock sounds, don't be dumb. Valve uses them all the time.
aetero2012-07-18 06:53:18
am i weird for being reminded by fruit ninja by this XDDD
Razel2012-08-19 09:59:05
Stab Stab Stab Cut Cut Cut :D
sparty2012-08-20 05:20:51
the blackknight would be proud
2013-11-21 12:00:55
corpse party is better kthnx

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