Mass Effect Comic Collectable
Yes fish food. That's how Shepard rolls. Why buy 3 kinds of food when you can buy just one?

Mass Effect Comic 'Collectable'

Panel 1
[Shepard bursts in on the collector leader's secret room]
Shepard: It's over, collector!

Panel 2
[The collector leader is revealed to be quite small]
Shepard: Your days of -
Shepard: You won't ... uh..
Shepard: You're tiny
Shepard: And adorable

Panel 3
[Shepard keeps the collector leader in a terrarium and feeds him fish food]
Shepard: d'aaawww
Shepard: Are you hungry Mr. Collector?

Lalam2010-05-24 13:51:11
Zoneark2010-05-24 16:32:31
Tingalz2010-05-24 16:40:01
2010-05-24 16:40:45
Ector2010-05-24 17:57:53
Kapturrith2010-05-24 18:11:34
I love how you drew her eyes on the 3rd panel.

I mean... :3
tikitai2010-05-24 19:58:17
Masterlegodude2010-05-24 20:24:52
Jacob 123452010-05-24 23:32:06
It's nice to see Shepard and the Collector getting along together

FrozenCitruS2010-05-25 15:15:51
No name for you.2010-05-25 18:41:42
Stop drawing comics and work on V15 already goddamn.
Rahalimus Prime2010-05-25 21:33:20
SOOOO ADORABLE!! And entirely possible since you never get anything to scale the Collector General against!
masterockets2010-05-26 09:34:24
Joekirk2010-05-26 15:54:11
I laughed.
Commander TopHat2010-05-26 17:17:32
Nice comic.
You draw better than most people I know. :o
Joekirk2010-05-26 22:00:40
@Commander TopHat

I can't even make a basic body frame. :C
Megaguy2010-05-27 06:57:57
her face in the 3rd panel is so kawii desu desu
2010-05-27 11:44:07
WORSTCCOMICEVER2010-05-27 14:18:51
SkullCandy2010-05-28 19:21:24
Rassilius2010-05-29 10:56:02
well. so he grew.
Cybertails19982010-06-06 12:35:45
AT2010-06-06 14:44:27
Jetz2010-06-08 00:59:23
Harbinger will be needing a new body to possess.
Vedrit2010-06-10 12:49:06
Assuming Direct Con- wait, I dont think that hamster likes me....
Ash2010-07-03 02:03:25
This is sickeningly adorable XD I lol'd

Now I want one too o3o
Rookie2010-07-15 00:32:46
Fu the little spider thing...
Girl is hotter
Harbinger2010-07-28 14:40:01
PenguinPerson2010-08-16 02:37:21
Space Hamster2010-08-24 08:55:23
Dakki2010-08-26 21:06:20
Oh God, is a Triop!
Shadowed9992010-09-29 12:53:22
I lol'd2010-11-25 16:50:03
i lol'd
aWanderingJedi2010-12-08 09:59:26
Space Hamster is not amused!
Borno2010-12-17 12:37:33
Ok Now i feel like playing ME2 AGAIN just to play with YOUR femshep cause she seems like the funniest, most lovable Badass ever!
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-23 15:16:36
I love this comic.You're a really talented drawer! I'm on my second playthrough of Mass Effect 2 and ME3 is comming out next Christmas.If you want to see the trailer,go to YouTube and search Mass Effect 3 debut trailer.
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-24 21:09:53
(PLEASE REPLY)So badspot is your website.huh. I was so pissed off when I played this because I got the ending where sheperd dies.
Badspot2010-12-26 01:01:22
Uh.. good job? I only killed Legion, Tali, Zaeed, Miranda and Mordin.
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-28 23:34:19
Gee thanks. This time i'll try harder. Wait,how didd half your team die but you didn't?
Badspot2010-12-29 01:49:30
You only die if both of your teammates die in the final cutscene. Then there is no one to pull you onto the ship except joker and his pathetic bones.

It's all about loyalty - if you have a non-loyal person on your team then someone dies. I had Miranda with me on most segments so people died. I took Grunt and Miranda to the final battle. Any non-loyal people you take to the final battle die. So Miranda died but Grunt was there to pull me onto the ship.
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-29 21:34:31
Okay you may want to go back and redo the playthrough because if miranda or any of your teammates die in this one then you won't have them in the third game. I did all the loyalty missions but I still died. Strange. Oh,by the way, how did Miranda die but not Grunt?
Badspot2010-12-29 23:58:50
>Okay you may want to go back and redo the playthrough

I did play through the ending sequence several times to see what happens when you save everyone, however I consider the first play through to be what "really" happened. Playing through the game spontaneously with no save file manipulation or future knowledge makes the story more interesting to me.

>if miranda or any of your teammates die in this one then you won't have them in the third game

I suspect there will be plenty of new teammates.

>I did all the loyalty missions but I still died.

But were the two you took to the final battle still loyal? You can lose loyalty on a character even after completing the loyalty mission.

>Oh,by the way, how did Miranda die but not Grunt?

Grunt was loyal, Miranda was not.
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-30 12:05:14
All my characters were loyal and I STILL DIED! Even the two characters at the end were loyal,I checked before I went to the collecter home world. By the way, if you did a playthrough as a girl, who's romance did you do,Ican't choose?
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-30 23:44:17
if you don't want to tell me,that's okay.
masseffectgirl2011-01-01 22:26:01
Badspot2011-01-02 01:21:32
I didn't romance anyone in either game. I would have gone for Liara in the first game but I couldn't be bothered to take a 1 minute elevator ride each way between every mission just to see if I had magically unlocked more if the dialog yet.

Jack and Tali were just teases. Forever alone.
masseffectgirl2011-01-02 14:03:40
Oh,okay.Still do you have any suggestions for which romance?
masseffectgirl2011-01-08 12:43:10
I really need some help! I wasn't full paragon when i did jacks loyalty mission,so i couldn't do the paragon speech option in the dispute with jack and miranda.Now miranda isn't loyal.I'm really closd to full paragon but,i've already aquiered the reaper iff and all the crew is gone.I tried talking to my team to get paragon points,but it didn't give me enough. So now miranda is unloyal and i don't want that to carry over to ME3. Please help!!
masseffectgirl2011-01-08 23:50:26
Never mind, i had to finish it today. I did the same as you at the end and survived.The end changed though.
masseffectgirl2011-01-09 11:47:11
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 16:04:23
What I ment by the ending changed is that instead of showing the crew repairing the ship you saw Shepard standing infront of a cofin dedicated to Miranda. Yes Miranada died in mine as well. Weird ending.
commentor2011-01-16 17:21:40
LOL Space Hamster!!!
2011-02-03 10:39:36
masseffectgirl2011-02-03 17:28:57
What do you mean by that?
2011-03-15 18:09:01
Derah2011-04-04 11:56:14

I dunno if it's too late for this tip but here's what you gotta do to complete Mass Effect 2 without anyone dieing.

First of all, when your crew gets kidnapped, you have to start the final mission IMIDIETLY. If you do any side-quest or main-quest AFTER they have been kidnapped, about half the crew dies. If you do 2 side-quests or main-quests AFTER they have been kidnapped, then almost all the crew dies exept for Doctor Chakwas and Kelly.

do more than 2 quests and everyone but Chakwas dies.
Derah2011-04-04 11:56:37
Secondly you have to upgrade the ship, buy the Upgraded shields, weapons and armor. If you dont, then when you start the final mission, before you even land on the collector base, 3 of your squadmembers die. (Who dies is semi-random, but it's usually either legion, thane, tali, jack, or kasumi, selected randomly) To Upgrade the ship completely, you have to harvest A LOT of minerals, it's a complete pain, while there are no cheat codes there are some "Trainers" that allow you to have 500.000 of every mineral to speed things up.

Third, you have to secure the loyalty of EVERY-SINGLE-SQUADMATE. There is a point in the final mission in wich you take 2 with you and the rest does a final stand, in this final stand, whoever is not loyal will get iced.
Derah2011-04-04 11:56:55
Fourth, you have to select the correct operatives for the diferent tasks on the final mission.

A: for traveling in the ducts and hackign the door, you have to select someone good with computers, only 3 people are good on that, Tali (her race is a race of mechanics) Legion (he IS a computer with 1100 programs on it) and Katsumi (Master thief and supreme hacker) If you choose anyone else, they will hack the door open but wont be able to shut it fast enough and will have a rocket to the face.
Derah2011-04-04 11:57:14
B: when choosing who leads the secondary squad, you have to choose someone who is used to giving orders and knows about tactics. Only 3 are good for that, Miranda (Who is a cerberus officer and a bossy snub to boot) Jacob (Who before working with cerberus was an Alliance Corsair Captain) and Garrus (Who before being recruited was leading a 10man team on Omega to cap gansters) Choosing a poor leader will cause that leader to die by a gunshot to the chest.

C: when you are choosing who will escort Chakwas and the rest of the crew back to the ship, send Mordin. He's REALLY fragile and even if loyal has a really high chance of getting killed on the last stand.
Derah2011-04-04 11:57:48
D: When you are going to the area infested with giant robot insect swarms, you need a strong biotic, only 2 people are good here: Samara (Legendary Asari Justicar, and the biggest pair of...... heels in the galaxy) or Jack / Subject Zero (shaved girl, serious sociopatic issues)

Finnaly, there will be a second spot where you again have to choose a leader, again the only good choises are miranda, jacob, and garrus, anyone esle would die.
Derah2011-04-04 11:57:57
Last but not least, when you get to the "Last Stand" part, make sure of 2 things.

A: leave behind both garrus and Grunt and Saheed, while they are awesome, they are also the best survivors in the game, and they boost the survival of the other squadmates.

B: Take Miranda with you if you plan on blowing up the collector base (her giving the middle finger to the Illusive man is just plain awesome)

C: Whoever you take with you HAS TO BE LOYAL, after the last boss dies, anyone with you that is not loyal dies, when shepard jumps to the ship if none of your friends are there to catch you, you die.

I hope that helped. :)
Anon2011-04-28 03:08:51
Also, try to finish off the Human Reaper as fast as possible. There isn't a specific time limit, but your rear guard is actually fighting for the entire time you're in there, so if you take too long they'll start to die. If you've actually assigned all their skill points and they're all loyal everyone but Mordin has a good chance of survival (he always hated those "hold the line" speeched), so take the doctor with you in the final battle or send him to escort the surviving crew.
Anon2011-04-28 03:15:49
My first playthrough my entire squad survived just by matching the roles to what I knew of their skills and personalities...and everyone but Chakwas that the Collectors had taken got liquefied, because I had no idea there was a time limit. There weren't any other time limits in this game, or the first, outside of individual missions; how was I supposed to know that people would get pureed if I did the missions in the wrong order?
Anyway, remember to do everyone else's loyalty missions before you recruit Legion.
Penis2011-06-06 01:21:22

Crazy_42422011-07-01 03:24:20
Space Hampster is jeolous now...Collecter is gonna get it lol.
masseffectgirl2011-07-22 13:11:54
Too late now but thanks. Now I can play ME2 again. I quit playing it for a whole year because the game got me so frusrated. I'll go start another playthrough right away. THANKS!
masseffectgirl2011-07-22 13:19:09
You don't have to take it out quickly. (STUPID CONFESSION) It took me fifteen minutes to take out the reaper and though i died in the end, nothin' bad happened while i was fighting the reaper.
xployalist2011-08-03 10:35:17
In the third panel, "ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL."
dartigen2011-08-29 08:52:31
Urgh. I can't stand Collectors, they just...urgh. I live in a house that's terminally bug-infested so I'm sort of conditioned to hate and be disgusted by anything remotely insect-like.

(I keep wishing for the Normandy to get a ship's cat. For pest control, I swear!)
gamergirl0522011-10-22 18:09:39
:3 -ASSUMING DIRECT hamster?
2011-12-30 07:35:34
I would've had the Collector trying to "assume direct control" of the Space Hamster... would've been funny
Badspot2011-12-30 19:38:14
>would've been funny

Only to people who don't know the difference between the collector general and harbinger.
dany2012-01-14 12:31:45
I want a little colect to :))))
Raem2012-02-11 22:02:35
@Darah. Real good breakdown but with a little add on. While in the beginning of the mission I had garrus lead the second team, My buds say grunt also works, and I think Zayeed will work too. I mean he's GOT the experience to lead a suicide squad.

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