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This is a little clip from Nascar 2002. I wrecked and managed to do 14 complete rolls right across the Daytona sign. Its pretty neat.

There were several other Nascar events that I had videos of but I lost them! :(
So, just imagine cool videos of these:

  • On Daytona, Two cars wreck in front of me. One flips over onto the other forming a ramp. I hit this makeshift ramp at ~180mph. I fly at least 80ft into the air. Its simply incredible.
  • Also on Daytona, I am struck by another car after spinning out and my car does a 3600. That's 10, yes 10, complete spins, 3 of which occur in mid air.
  • On Bristol, there is a huge wreck and my car flys over the pit wall.
  • On Sears Point, I managed to jump the inside fence and drive around where you're not supposed to be.

Maveric2005-10-28 01:08:53
It's good that those type of things don't happen in real life---too often. But I find it funny that the car is intact after the rolls.
dUMBELLS2006-07-18 21:42:17
when you jumped the fence what did you see in the place "where you're not supposed to be."
Badspot2006-07-19 20:55:00
Grass. Poorly textured grass.
LOL I'm BadSpot2007-01-06 10:34:51
And porn. Lots and lots of porn.
Svinat2007-01-06 20:06:09
Porn behind the fence, aha.
Neozuki2007-11-09 20:36:03
I guess after the seventh "FFS I wish I caught that on video" you decided to record everything?
Badspot2007-11-10 02:57:10
The game records your races automatically, but when I upgraded from nascar 4 to 2002 I forgot to back up the recordings.
Neozuki2007-11-22 08:21:48
Hah, thats useful. I've missed a lot of cool things on video games over the years :(
Jetz2008-09-19 02:30:23
Do a barell roll.
2009-04-15 20:55:38
Sephiroth2010-03-08 22:34:03
No, do a car roll.
Gothboy772010-03-28 08:26:46
How the hell do you manage to get this footage? Do you have like an emergency camera?!
Badspot2010-03-31 03:49:40
The game has a built in replay feature
Dale earnhardt sr. 2010-06-14 20:05:59
is dale sr. in there
Neotek2010-07-08 00:49:13
Teddy Behr2010-07-16 14:56:56
You raced as car 116? NOBODY DRIVES THAT CAR.
Manzaross2010-07-28 20:09:26
I like the physics of this game. Especially how they were portrayed in this video with your car flying into the air then spinning fourteen times. Classic :P
smittywjmj2012-10-24 01:11:52
Okay, I realize I'm coming in late on these comments, but try NASCAR 2003. The cars are lighter and fly a little better. Considering my "racing" usually consists of driving backwards and wrecking people, it tends to be more fun in 2003 than 2002.
Va11Jrvm2015-12-27 02:04:46

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