Jervan2007-01-26 15:03:13
*Dies of waiting*
Jervan2007-01-03 14:35:19
Love the smoke effect!
Jervan2007-01-29 13:10:35
>=) You've got me bought.. Can we see some medievil weapons and their effects on the player model >=D
Jervan2007-01-29 13:08:12
I love it :D
Jervan2006-12-22 04:37:30
Nice, I cant wait to get rid of EW.
Jervan2008-06-22 12:51:56
Jervan2008-05-20 16:16:20
I agree with Sheezy :P
I like the possessed arm / skirt up / shocked face the best, because she looks like my ex :D