Sheezy2007-10-25 12:46:26
But then you can also go into servers for unregged people and kill the shit out of noobs with a toribooster on.
Sheezy2007-10-25 12:44:54
Alot of it is unplayable due to ammount of players/skill of them but there are some servers that are a bit easyer like wushu or classic.
Sheezy2007-10-11 22:12:22
Are you regged?
Sheezy2008-12-30 05:25:31
Good, now do nethack.
Sheezy2008-07-18 13:29:02
Samus isnt stupid :(
Sheezy2008-12-30 05:14:20
Reminds me of the music video for "twilight zone" by golden earring
Sheezy2008-05-06 13:24:02
Sheezy2008-05-06 13:28:41
Sheezy2008-05-06 13:27:12
90% of the people who went crazy over this havnt seen hardcore porn
I like the picture though, good artwork.