Tingalz2010-06-20 18:35:13
I don't get what you mean
Tingalz2010-06-05 17:01:27
Why isn't shepard wearing her armor?
Tingalz2010-05-30 11:16:46
I never did understand why it had three eyes.
Tingalz2010-05-24 16:40:01
Tingalz2010-05-16 11:16:48
I just realized, in the smoothie pod, they're liquefying the skins/stems along with the fruits.
Tingalz2010-05-15 23:04:35
People die when they are melted.
Tingalz2010-05-08 15:46:30
No, we should wait and see if she melts. Then, we can figure out if we should open the next one.
Tingalz2010-05-01 22:21:03
Oh dear.