Agent Washingtub2011-01-29 16:04:59
Yeah....I'm probably never going to drink another smoothie again
Agent Washingtub2011-01-24 15:30:11
Bow Chicka Bow..... Woah..... Nevermind
Agent Washingtub2011-01-24 15:24:10
Never seen FLCL but Guitar Hero makes me want to do that to people all the time.

If you told me that someone was making a game where you play a fake plastic guitar 6 years ago my guess would have been that it would sell for about 3-6 months, and then the novelty would wear off, and people would learn to play a real guitar, sadly the novelty has not worn off even after 5 years
Agent Washingtub2011-01-24 15:12:30
Easiest loyalty mission ever....of all time