dany2012-03-28 15:01:04
Dr. Chakwas did it again :)))
dany2012-03-28 14:59:14
SeventhSandwich I recomand you to buy ME3 it is a great game,it is in awesome game especialy if you have played the other 2 as well. There it is only one thig that ruines the game...the las 15-20 minutes:((((
dany2012-01-14 12:31:45
I want a little colect to :))))
dany2012-01-14 12:30:14
dany2012-01-14 12:29:20
No big deal,in 2 years shell be back =))) very nice comics
dany2012-01-14 12:25:08
Nice,I stil cant stop laughing
dany2012-01-14 12:17:35
hes in the team that its supose to save the galaxy=)))