masseffectgirl2011-07-22 17:25:51
(sad_face)You're right. Sorry to everyone I have bothered.
masseffectgirl2011-07-22 17:19:09
You don't have to take it out quickly. (STUPID CONFESSION) It took me fifteen minutes to take out the reaper and though i died in the end, nothin' bad happened while i was fighting the reaper.
masseffectgirl2011-07-22 17:11:54
Too late now but thanks. Now I can play ME2 again. I quit playing it for a whole year because the game got me so frusrated. I'll go start another playthrough right away. THANKS!
masseffectgirl2011-02-07 04:05:59
No? Okay,whatever.
masseffectgirl2011-02-03 22:28:57
What do you mean by that?
masseffectgirl2011-02-03 22:27:33
I haven't finished it yet. Does anyone have any pointers...for a GIRL BTW.
masseffectgirl2011-02-02 20:28:03
Have any of you heard of Dragon Age Origins? Role playing game?
masseffectgirl2011-02-02 00:19:21
Okay, I've had a crappy day. I don't need people telling me I'm not something I am.
masseffectgirl2011-01-30 02:52:16
Oh, yeah. Now I see it. Sorry.
masseffectgirl2011-01-30 02:49:15
I'm a girl! What are you talking about?!
masseffectgirl2011-01-14 04:40:36
sorry,nevermind.I'll just come for the comics.I wont post anymore comments/questionns.Sorry to have disturbed you.
masseffectgirl2011-01-13 02:59:30
Did i say something or are you just being rude and ignoring me?
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 21:08:25
Miranda:Not again! That's another 600 000 000 000 000 credits. Why do we even bother?
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 21:05:39
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 21:04:23
What I ment by the ending changed is that instead of showing the crew repairing the ship you saw Shepard standing infront of a cofin dedicated to Miranda. Yes Miranada died in mine as well. Weird ending.
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 21:01:44
She does not. Anyways, it's still a really good comic.
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 20:59:50
Ha,Ha,Ha very funny.
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 03:33:49
Thanks starwarsweirdo. LOL on the parent thing.
masseffectgirl2011-01-11 03:30:01
masseffectgirl2011-01-10 03:14:34
okay,now i think you're avoiding answering me.(anoyed_face)
masseffectgirl2011-01-09 16:54:05
okay,i'm starting to think you don't like my questions. If so sorry. I'm really curious,so sometimes i write...impolite or nosy questions. Sorry!(sad_face)
masseffectgirl2011-01-09 16:47:11
masseffectgirl2011-01-09 04:50:26
Never mind, i had to finish it today. I did the same as you at the end and survived.The end changed though.
masseffectgirl2011-01-08 17:43:10
I really need some help! I wasn't full paragon when i did jacks loyalty mission,so i couldn't do the paragon speech option in the dispute with jack and miranda.Now miranda isn't loyal.I'm really closd to full paragon but,i've already aquiered the reaper iff and all the crew is gone.I tried talking to my team to get paragon points,but it didn't give me enough. So now miranda is unloyal and i don't want that to carry over to ME3. Please help!!
masseffectgirl2011-01-08 17:29:49
masseffectgirl2011-01-05 03:06:26
Is hardcore really that bad?
masseffectgirl2011-01-02 19:03:40
Oh,okay.Still do you have any suggestions for which romance?
masseffectgirl2011-01-02 03:26:01
Masseffectgirl2010-12-31 05:24:36
One of the liines from the renegade ending, if you saved the collecter home world and you're having a final chat with the Illusvive Man. The line chosen ''Don't lecture me.'', what she/he actually says,''Sorry,i'm getting alot of bullshit on this end.''(if you're lucky,sometimes this is added on)''Looks like i'll have to try again later''*DISCONECTS AND WALKS AWAY SMIRKING.*
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-31 04:44:17
if you don't want to tell me,that's okay.
masseffectgirl 2010-12-30 20:02:31
Yeah. People Kelly is supposed to have the cerberus logo on the shoulder of her uniform.
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-30 17:05:14
All my characters were loyal and I STILL DIED! Even the two characters at the end were loyal,I checked before I went to the collecter home world. By the way, if you did a playthrough as a girl, who's romance did you do,Ican't choose?
Masseffectgirl2010-12-30 16:52:02
Well,finish it. My friend did that and it was hilarious.The renegade ending is so funny.
masseffectgirl2010-12-30 03:20:14
well she did say ''be yourself.''
masseffectgirl 2010-12-30 03:03:31
How can you tell the difference from box 1 and 3?Kelly is supposed to have the cerberus logo on the shoulder of her uniform,right?
Masseffectgirl2010-12-30 02:55:55
How many times have you played mass effect 2? I'm asking because it's so detailed.
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-30 02:34:31
Okay you may want to go back and redo the playthrough because if miranda or any of your teammates die in this one then you won't have them in the third game. I did all the loyalty missions but I still died. Strange. Oh,by the way, how did Miranda die but not Grunt?
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-29 04:34:19
Gee thanks. This time i'll try harder. Wait,how didd half your team die but you didn't?
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-25 02:09:53
(PLEASE REPLY)So badspot is your website.huh. I was so pissed off when I played this because I got the ending where sheperd dies.
Masseffectgirl2010-12-25 02:04:02
How/Where did you learn to draw like that? It's incredible!
Masseffectgirl2010-12-25 02:00:29
oh, so this is your drawing? You're really talented. I can't beleive ME3 is coming out next year! Have you seen the trailer yet?
Masseffectgirl2010-12-24 03:57:33
(Please reply)Did someone else actually draw this or was it someone at badspot?
Masseffectgirl2010-12-23 21:02:09
I know it's a bad user name,(no offence)but his commenary is hilarious!You know how the explination at the beggining that tells you what's happening,how it goes so fast so you can't read it? Fav. line from his commentary-''What the fuck and shit how is anyone supposed to read that?! It's just like the first game!It's so fast! Okay fine, here we go,(LAUGHS)mission 1!'' Also,''Comander Sheperd is dead.Mass Effect 2...emo edition.'' And," Here we go,final boss ! Oh shit it's actually functional!" LOL!
Masseffectgirl2010-12-23 20:42:47
LOL!Awesome comic. Does anyone else notice that,1. all the reapers in the second box are different species? 2.The human reaper has four eyes?OMG I can't stop playing this game.My older brother is going to make a character,give him a evil name and go fucking totally evil...sorry,"renagade".Go to google and type in ''Mass Effect 2 biggest prick in the galaxy.'' So funny.Then go to YouTube and type in ''Darksydephil mass effect 2 playthrough''Then get ready to fall off your chair laughing! He adds commentary
Masseffectgirl 2010-12-23 20:16:36
I love this comic.You're a really talented drawer! I'm on my second playthrough of Mass Effect 2 and ME3 is comming out next Christmas.If you want to see the trailer,go to YouTube and search Mass Effect 3 debut trailer.