dartigen2011-08-29 08:52:31
Urgh. I can't stand Collectors, they just...urgh. I live in a house that's terminally bug-infested so I'm sort of conditioned to hate and be disgusted by anything remotely insect-like.

(I keep wishing for the Normandy to get a ship's cat. For pest control, I swear!)
dartigen2011-08-29 08:49:31
Garrus. Sniper rifle. Balcony. Get Morinth out into a back alley. Boom headshot. Mission accomplished. Never saw it coming.

What annoyed me was how Shepard JUST FREAKIN' SAT THERE WHILE SAMARA AND MORINTH WERE FIGHTING. The whole time I'm like 'do something, Shepard! Where is your mad Marine Kung Fu? Where are your insane Vanguard skillz? DO SOMETHING!'