qwepir2012-04-08 19:32:05
i laughed harder than i should have
Qwepir2011-10-08 04:22:45
I've seen some crazy shit in this game, but never anything like this.
Qwepir2011-03-09 04:13:46
What level was that? Looks like a custom.
Qwepir2010-11-09 01:54:12
Man and I always just threw my pennies in the garbage.
Qwepir2010-10-31 09:38:43
Congratulations! The spider has been killed by the ants!
Qwepir2010-05-17 03:38:01
Wouldn't it still be organic metal smoothies?
Qwepir2010-05-10 01:44:06
First time around I accidentally skipped the cutscene that had Lilith in it, so when I saw her get melted I wondered why it even gave her a name instead of just "colonist"
Qwepir2010-05-03 02:31:40
@Riot. I followed you up to Claw Penis>Kangaroo Penis.
Qwepir2009-09-26 20:58:50
Whenever I play, the big boats will instantly beach themselves and get stuck the second you even drift into shallow water. How did you get it all the way on land?