Bwopper2016-10-08 19:29:13
Willy is headed for the cubes
Bwopper2016-01-13 21:12:24
Poor ebola chan
Bwopper2014-07-24 13:24:49
This is the kind of troll you now see on recent days and years of roblox, when it was better in the old days, now it is fucked.
Bwopper2014-07-24 13:22:54
Sandpaper... I thought about this for a long time..... Sandpaper? Oh god hair! I am scarred thank you badspot.
Bwopper2014-07-24 13:14:54
"You can easily make another one!" I shit bricks because I knew then it would be about a baby death.
Bwopper2014-07-24 13:13:04
The space race, is now the sperm race
Bwopper2014-07-24 13:10:53
The girl asking about the sex tricks must be virgin, because there are no tricks.
Bwopper2014-07-24 13:09:07
So happy you made one of my gender.
Bwopper2014-07-24 13:08:24
Damn, We need to train...
Bwopper2014-07-24 13:07:19
If he said if these were real I would beg for the shop.
Bwopper2014-07-24 13:05:24
Just like my friend.. Good times.