Brandon2010-12-04 19:02:21
Whoo! If you kept this up, you could easily surpass Penny Arcade some day.
Brandon2010-11-29 08:08:03
You don't think cell phones and the Internet are marvels? Anywhere in the developed world, you can pick up a little box and talk to your mother, who could be anywhere else in the developed world. I think that's pretty great.

Anyway, mass production of antimatter comes to mind. And there are a lot of things which we know are possible but I will still be amazed if we ever accomplish, like ending our reliance on fossil fuels or a permanent settlement on the moon.
Brandon2010-09-21 02:00:27
I'll bet that trick works on asari. You should draw pictures of asari and do other Mass Effect stuff while you're at it.
Brandon2010-07-12 08:27:27
Brandon2009-07-22 23:50:42
Yea it does look Sexy.
Brandon2009-01-25 23:29:25
Quake 2? What The Heck do you do?
Brandon2009-04-09 23:05:41
Badspot? About the Game. Where do you buy Counter Strike?
Brandon2008-10-04 01:43:21
Where do i get the game Badspot?!
Brandon2009-05-15 21:23:34

same as ^^
Brandon2009-01-25 23:27:46
Oh... Hey Badspot Are you working on Anything Else And Blockland, (Awesome!)
Brandon2009-07-22 23:56:54
Oh I play That game. Sucks because the moves Suck.
Brandon2009-07-22 23:52:40
Yea it does.
brandon2008-10-03 23:45:29
PLZ tell me!!!!
brandon2008-10-03 23:45:06
Where did you get this game?