dargereldren2017-06-29 17:39:35
whats up gamers
dargereldren2017-06-29 17:13:35
SMF 1.1 is ancient as fuck of course it'd break eventually

dargereldren2014-12-22 13:33:37

Officially? No. The early versions of Blockland are no longer available officially, either here or on Blockland.us.

Unofficially? Yes, there are a few mirrors.
The most notable is the one on Blockland user Demian's website: http://blockland.dataorb.net/old.php
dargereldren2014-08-29 12:42:34

gj making yourself look like an idiot.
dargereldren2014-08-27 19:48:06
@above user

It's not bumping if the position of it doesn't change at all.
dargereldren2014-08-15 21:13:39

The official download link got taken down years ago.
You can still find it on the internet though; just do a bit of google searching.
dargereldren2014-07-02 17:25:50

">have you released this engine of yours? if not, do you plan on doing so?
"I have not and don't really plan to. I've put a lot of effort into it so I sort of need to make some money with it. It's all c++, there's no scripting, so it doesn't really have the main stream appeal necessary for a commercial release."
dargereldren2014-05-09 21:51:31
@The Red Beast

Maps are not coming back. How many times do we have to say this?
dargereldren2014-02-27 20:14:23

"@PunktKommaNull I took it down a while ago. I'm not sure there's a benefit to having it up at this point."
dargereldren2014-02-22 20:31:03
Nice to see Perennial got greenlit three days ago.
dargereldren2014-01-11 00:58:19
>Myterious Ghost
I think you made a typo there Baddy.
dargereldren2012-12-02 00:51:00
I finished the game, and I must say, I actually like it.
I'd probably buy it when it's done.
dargereldren2012-10-30 19:14:16
6:11 - "You could say I erected it. penis."
dargereldren2012-01-04 19:39:11
Too bad the bumps on the baseplate didn't work out as planned in Retail.