Bloxers2015-03-11 23:19:47
Those old shadows looked so good...
Bloxers2014-07-25 02:17:08
Sweet, that's pretty cool!
Bloxers2014-07-25 02:14:38
Nice. I'm trying the updated Torque3D and am getting a bit frustrated xD
Bloxers2014-07-25 01:13:39
Nice. Why don't you use the updated version of Torque Game Engine (Renamed to Torque3D)?
Bloxers2014-07-25 01:10:25
Trying not to laugh here..
Bloxers2014-07-11 02:09:51
Fortport, lmao.
Bloxers2014-07-11 02:02:12
Wow. xD
Bloxers2014-07-11 01:58:44
Bloxers2014-07-11 01:56:56
This illustration.. lmao. So that's what you were like when you were banning my ass of of Blockland's Forum.
Bloxers2014-07-11 01:54:08
Wow, that controller is just.. shit. I prefer a regular joystick, not some fucked up track pad thing. I would rather just either put SteamOS on my pc, or use big picture mode. Honestly, to me, it wouldn't be worth my money.