Koden2007-01-28 22:30:59
Very good work. I didn't think Torque and physics made a beautiful baby together.
Koden2006-06-27 14:31:59
Haha, I know your IP and i can ban you from all my blockland serervs!!!!! lol jk...please dont ban me....Good game, Badspot!!!!
Koden2006-07-06 18:41:06
Nice Weird Al "Horoscopes" or whatever. Why didn't you play the whole song?
Koden2006-07-21 02:33:53
Koden2006-07-20 03:32:22
Yah yah.
Koden2006-07-21 02:33:10
Are you frickin joking? I would like to be commissioned for anything, even though I would suck at artwork
Good Job, Bads