Takato142010-11-20 22:59:39
Just search Vanilla Blockland in Google :P
Takato142010-11-07 00:55:32
Lol, ZZT doesnt even run on Windows 7, its way too old. xP
Takato142010-11-07 00:54:14
I still dont give a damn about the graphics; I wouldnt trade my N64 for anything. It's all about the entertainment quality of the game, not how purdyful it looks.
Takato142010-11-07 00:50:16
Most likely. Ask Nintendo :P
Takato142010-11-07 00:49:08
Above commenter is an idiot.

Of course it is xP
Takato142010-11-07 00:48:17

"I wish I could do that in Blockland! :D"

Takato142010-11-07 00:46:11
4000 Polys isnt that many. You should see the cars in Burnout 2.
Takato142010-09-07 01:04:01
Yea, wth? >_>

A link would be nice :/