Eli2011-03-21 01:43:21
WOW this ending is amazing
Eli2011-03-09 02:04:10
Ha ha well this is awesome!!!
Eli2011-03-04 04:20:47
This is hilarious and it awesome
Eli2011-02-16 05:28:55
YES more mass effects comics i love these!
Eli2011-02-01 06:04:59
I didnt understand why we couldnt just unload a clip into her face....but ehh it was different from the other missions
Eli2011-01-26 00:56:17
Ahhh ew but funny
Eli2011-01-21 03:58:12
Terracotta Terracotta Terracotta PIE
Eli2011-01-21 03:57:34
SO MUCH FAKE BLOOD....eh i think it might be chocolate ya know
Eli2011-01-21 03:56:17
SO which one are you more like the blond or the brunette?
Eli2011-01-21 03:55:48
HA HA wow this is aweosme
Eli2011-01-20 05:38:33
lol HA!! this made me laugh so hard :) great job
Eli2011-01-20 05:37:04
Hmmmm wow i actually would like to see that...not trying to be perverted but i think itwould be interesting
Eli2011-01-20 05:32:26
lol I like the WEEEE part great job
eli2010-06-25 17:44:14
its a little cool.
eli2010-06-25 17:42:46
DUDE!!!!!!!! that is so awesome.Are you the one who made blockland?