Mazeribot2010-01-03 11:39:20
Well, badspot why dont you draw the intresting part of the woman? cause you have never seen it?
Mazeribot2010-01-03 11:36:13
Dont you got a wife yet? o_o
Mazeribot2010-01-03 10:38:32
I dont know what i just said there and i prob. never will... x_x
Mazeribot2009-07-16 16:52:03
HAHAHA! wery funny!! that was a good one chao!... wait now... Chao... Now i know that name is after a cute little thing from sonic!
Mazeribot2009-07-16 16:41:45
i mean if your the admin from RTB Chat, If you are I hate YOU! DX<
Mazeribot2009-07-16 16:39:28
Ephialtes!!!!! DX I DONT LIKE YOU (if you are that guy on RTB Chat...) YOU BANNED ME (no you MADE blockbot ban me!!!!!)
Mazeribot2009-06-29 07:19:08
maby 2.... but is it just me or do you like shooting games?
Mazeribot2009-06-29 07:11:07
And 1 more thing... how do i shoot upp? i just cant shoot upp! and i have tryd all things...
Mazeribot2009-06-29 04:53:27
is this a demo? and if it is do we have to pay for it for get the real one?
Mazeribot2009-06-29 03:19:22
And how do you get that hands and feet? My hands and feet is not like that on Blockland :O
Mazeribot2009-06-29 03:16:25
Nice Badspot! How do you build so good? Its AWSOME!
Mazeribot2009-06-30 03:37:46
is it bots to fight with in that game?
Mazeribot2009-06-30 03:44:15
is it realy ''Future War''?
Mazeribot2009-06-30 03:42:10
Mazeribot2009-06-29 03:29:07
Hello badspot xD nice it is just that i dont know what game it is from... -_-
Mazeribot2009-06-29 06:34:15
I agree with Lord Tony why cant we have arms and legs like there?
Mazeribot2009-07-01 05:29:04
hello om just checking it out... [url][/url]
Mazeribot2009-06-29 03:35:20
and :CookieMonster: :cookie: im jues tying it out xD
Mazeribot2009-06-29 03:33:48
So.... why did you make it? was it fun? i know im (typing wrong sometimes -_-)
Mazeribot2009-08-18 07:27:57
no need any more badspot... I got v1.045 :D .... your name is realy real O.o
Mazeribot2009-07-02 08:23:59
why not? i realy want it!
Mazeribot2009-06-30 08:55:18
and can you give me a link of Blockland v0.01?
Mazeribot2009-06-30 03:30:44
Do that mean that some guys say you cant use it?
Mazeribot2009-06-29 04:17:11
Mazeribot2009-06-29 03:45:44
lol and nice
Mazeribot2009-06-30 03:41:03
are you doing that in v11?
Mazeribot2009-06-29 04:20:59
That Look COOL! why cant you make that figur for v13?
Mazeribot2009-06-30 03:31:38
that is too bad :O
Mazeribot2009-06-29 03:25:09
can you pleas add it to Blockland or Counter Strike?
Mazeribot2009-06-29 05:00:59
That Guy that said I WANT COOKIE was batspot -_- not badspot... hey bat you dont get one >:D
Mazeribot2009-06-30 03:34:17
got it xD but i cant use my pro event skill :O
Mazeribot2009-06-29 03:42:37
Hmmm... can you make V13 on Blockland better? i cant make my Pro events longer and i cant use Duplicator anymore can you fix it (events: you have to meny (OnActivate. Duplicator:Mazeribot dont trust (something) you to do that. O.o
Mazeribot2009-06-30 08:48:10
Mazeribot2009-06-30 08:47:03
It is 2 thing... (for now...) How old are you (some one told me you are 75 years old :O) And do you have controll over Blockbot in RTB Chat?
Mazeribot2009-06-30 08:52:36
Yeah you Will but you Will do it after me xD... <turns around...> OMG MY LIVINGROOM!!!!!! i have to clean upp before my mom and dad coms home 80
Mazeribot2009-07-02 08:31:04
WOW, i can kill to have sex with her 8D