Super Offical Podcast
Episode 1

Timestamps + Links
00:00 - Intro
00:49 - Nintendo cardboard
03:57 - Wii U pricing / Amazon
06:15 - GPU pricing/bitcoin
13:37 - Rotondo's cash management
14:38 - Problem with gold
15:38 - We're back, universe simulation
16:39 - Youtube monetization changes
22:48 - TSA
23:50 - Blockland shooter
26:38 - Swatting death / Police / Media
31:55 - Journalism red pill
33:38 - Pre-ordering manchild food
  • Ashens is a youtuber that reviews crappy toys and eats old food and uses a couch as a backdrop.
38:20 - Bill Waterson and Elsa foot surgery
43:50 - More on YouTube
45:03 - Amazon Prime 60hz DRM
47:22 - Closing segment


Slo2018-02-03 21:52:28
good shit make more
Gothboy2018-02-06 09:41:16
Good to hear from you guys for once! Good topics.
Sentry2018-02-11 13:28:36
This was honestly pretty nice to listen to.
OfficerKenny2018-02-11 21:15:13
A Drunk Person2018-02-14 18:49:15
Nikandrios2018-02-22 12:07:33
I was going to post the thing you guys predicted in the end, but I predict that would be too predictable to be funny, so I'll make a comment not so predictable instead that acknowledges how unfunny that predictable comment would be. What I however did not predict is that my comment would still be unfunny.
Gabe2018-03-15 12:45:14
"How do we 1-up the Official Podcast?"

"Hmmm. Aha! I got it! We put 'Super' in front of it!"

Genius idea.
BlackDragonIV2018-06-23 00:44:19
Hey! Nice Podcast! Just started listening to these after getting a wonderful reminder of your existence by the #Arduboy CAD tweet

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