Counter-Strike Boats
The ramps. They work. One of the big accomplishments on this map was getting the boats to drive on the water and still have working ramps and uneven terrain under the water. The secret of how it's done is under the map.

Here you can also see the bomb target in the middle of the dam. On the left there is the all-mighty yacht, a slow moving craft with a bullet-proof wheelhouse and plenty of room below deck for drive by shooting action. Wow, just typing this makes me want to re-install Counter-Strike and play.

Wedge2006-10-17 00:23:40
Every time I try and hop the ramp in the yacht, I hang behind, and it goes over all by itself. I didn't really get a chance to play it with other people, but I expect it would probably kill everyone inside...

On another note, its a very cool map, well done, I had fun racing around the boats. The motor boats were really cool, they reminded of that one scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where the guys get chopped up on the motorboat in Italy.
1111lovekiss4u11112008-09-06 02:02:49
how do i see people ??
Brandon2008-10-04 01:43:21
Where do i get the game Badspot?!
Badspot2008-10-04 06:20:22
This is a counter-strike map...
ChexGuy3312008-11-22 03:32:45
Wow, this looks like it was made back in 1.5

I like the layout of this map better but the CSS pirate maps piss me off so I like motorcity better.
ChexGuy3312008-11-22 03:34:10
Another thing, comments are broken on every single motorcity image. D:
Brandon2009-04-09 23:05:41
Badspot? About the Game. Where do you buy Counter Strike?
SuperToxic2009-09-13 21:34:10
You buy it from Steam Brandon.
I believe it's either $10 or $20.
JURY2011-10-06 15:45:25

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