Badspot, Rotondo and "Chimpy" have a toribash fight. Badspot racks up 7 flawless victories in a variety fighting styles ranging from "Enlightened Monk" to "SPARTA!!"

2007-09-09 22:58:50
Nice moves, BS.
Jam2007-09-12 02:00:19
haha chimpy! So you flail around? Sounds sweet.
NKL2007-09-15 01:35:51
How the hell did you manage to get them all to score zero points? I'm lucky if I can do that once, let alone 7 times.
Badspot2007-09-15 03:47:06
This was out of like 40 matches, not all in a row.
Jam2007-09-17 02:07:54
First one was the best, final move of it was awesome.
Sheezy (william)2007-10-12 02:12:02
Holy shit you play toribash Badspot?
Sheezy2007-10-12 02:12:22
Are you regged?
Badspot2007-10-12 08:14:08
Yeah but the multi-player format is basically so lame it's unplayable. Also there is no download available to host your own server. Apparently there were security issues with the server so he took the download down. The result is I can't even play a lan game with people at work.
Sheezy2007-10-25 16:44:54
Alot of it is unplayable due to ammount of players/skill of them but there are some servers that are a bit easyer like wushu or classic.
Sheezy2007-10-25 16:46:26
But then you can also go into servers for unregged people and kill the shit out of noobs with a toribooster on.
Tails2007-12-01 02:44:21
Lol pwn'd
LOL I'm BadSpot2008-06-13 00:35:49
Zmobie2008-06-24 17:58:44
OMG. Badspot plays toribash? I'd love to fight you some day. Aikido/twinswords (I'm a cheapo.)
Knaz2008-08-23 01:07:40
I remember Toribash, back in the day... It took me about a month ro get half decent at it due to the MASSIVE learning curve.
JDofPivot2008-08-31 02:40:20
Lol I only played for like a week and got to black belt xD
Antallion2008-09-03 10:50:50
OSWT, Badspot play(s/ed) Toribash
Zmobie2008-09-09 22:12:52
Wow, Badspot. You're pretty good at this. I'd like to fight you in Judo/Aikido/twinswords with grab n' rip moves.
Poitko-loco2008-09-17 22:34:13
WHERE DO YOU GET IT??? :) its awesome
.:Panda:.2008-09-27 17:11:42
I wanna try! LoL. Seriously, I do. Where can I get this?
Logan2008-10-22 21:03:58
Im confused what game is this
Badspot2008-10-23 03:50:30
Try reading the description. Or any of the comments.
Robo Noob2008-12-06 23:29:55
Nice Toribashing ;o
Toast$$$Hero2009-01-05 01:21:22
yo dude member me the guy you called a pussy on Pyronns server HUH? wtf dude
Mateo2009-02-16 00:54:07
Jebus. The last kill was epic. I'm pretty horrible at Toribash, though, so that's coming from someone who's won a maximum of 5 games.
Reelshiny2009-02-16 17:28:52
Baddy seems to have epic balance in that second one.
Digmaster2009-03-10 03:18:01
I can never do any fighting styles other then "Fall to the ground" or "Have a stroke"
Pixl2009-03-11 04:03:30
Looks cool
Someretard2009-03-22 20:23:14
Pandan2009-04-02 02:24:02
Ive always found toribash confusing. :(
Sir Dooble2009-04-11 03:27:04
To be honest, it looks lke two people having a fit and accidently dismembering parts of themselves. But BadSpot rules at it.
Brandon2009-07-22 23:56:54
Oh I play That game. Sucks because the moves Suck.
[Vital Suit]GTF-11 Drio2009-10-05 23:57:26
Why was Rotondo Disqualified????!?!?!?!
LOL I'm BadSpot2010-01-14 00:39:35
lotusgod2010-01-14 00:43:44
hey badspot howcomes you banned me for two weeks for trying to start a new poll?
lotusgod2010-01-14 00:45:30
plus your obviously fighting a bot
Badspot2010-01-14 02:10:02
1. That is not your ban reason.

2. There are no "bots" in toribash.
lotusgod2010-01-14 21:55:00
I still am waiting for my ban to go away
lotusgod2010-01-15 03:36:49
Hey badspot im gonna be nice for once and one thing i want to tell you i am only 10 years old
lotusgod2010-01-15 03:39:36
And isnt your real name Eric Hartman? because that sounds alot like Eric Cartman
lotusgod2010-01-15 03:40:34
And isnt your real name Eric Hartman? because that sounds alot like Eric Cartman
lotusgod2010-01-15 03:41:46
Hey badspot im gonna be nice for once and one thing i want to tell you i am only 10 years old
Shemp2010-01-30 01:43:55
I got TB like last week. Went online for the first time today and got to Orange belt. I was so happy. I found that after a while, if I just keep doing the same two basic openers, haymaker or high kick (which is about all I can do :P) the people always do the same thing: grab both of my arms. So I yank myself towards them, fudge it and do my best to dodge their swings, and then just slam them face-first onto the ground just before I get DQ'd. People are like, "wow Shemp, you're awesome! I bet you're pro!" All I'm doing is clicking random buttons and trying not to fall down. :P
agentjake122010-03-06 03:04:44
wat is this game called? it looks fun..
Lotusgod2010-04-26 20:57:43
its called fagariffic
Space Ninja2010-04-26 21:07:37
Ignore Lotusgod. It's called Toribash
BBOY2010-06-23 01:10:15
hehe on blockland .........................................
Neotek2010-07-08 00:47:43
Nice graphics and LOL at the end you beet up Rotondo
Manzaross2010-07-28 20:12:21
I liked the part where Badspot tore Rotondo's hand off. That's an awkward conversation on Baddy's private server the next day.
Blockblast2010-08-20 19:55:06
I beat Uke by blocking his move,And grabbing him,And slamming him to the floor.
Excalibur2010-09-08 01:46:46
Lolz, what is this game? :D
Excalibur2010-09-08 01:48:00
Sorry about above post. I didn't read the web address.
LOL I'm BadSpot2010-09-13 21:24:35
Rotondo2010-09-13 21:25:44
I lost so many times
Excalibur2010-11-11 18:44:22
Oh wow, I have had this for like a month, and I'm a green belt. I've beaten black belts like 10 times. I'd like to fight anyone I know, Badspot, Rotondo, anyone from Blockland. Any mod. Please. Excal10931.
Excalibur2010-11-11 18:44:47
10931, sorry. BLID.
XenocideII2011-01-23 19:52:27
do you still play toribash? im really good at it
Owl2011-03-12 06:28:43
epic win for me...
you get a cookie
awesomeguy2011-05-20 22:00:58
Badspot isnt very good,

chimpy and rotondo are just very bad :3
Fortport2012-04-16 05:22:52
At 00:53, Badspot grew a penis. It sprays blood. :P
Bloxers2014-07-11 02:09:51
Fortport, lmao.

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