I went to steam dev days and got a steam machine. Here I am setting it up and encountering a few issues.

Avinash Arora2014-01-22 16:37:09
I was not that excited for the steam box. I figured, how can it beat my PC?

All of a sudden I have this uncontrollable urge to have one. I don't know why, I can't explain it. I MUST HAVE IT.
Sfuu2014-02-02 10:27:24
piece of metal = wall mount?
Mustang2014-02-02 16:53:35
Erp Support?

I'm buying this.
tetronaught2014-02-02 22:50:18
Looks good, the controllers seem a bit weird though.
Rox2014-02-04 23:26:02
This. Looks. Bad...good...ish.
kaspars2014-02-08 09:28:36
steam TV game
play now roblox game
-Bolt-2014-02-11 22:59:50
Looks cool.
Erythros2014-02-17 08:36:08
It's a wall mount, and considering that they both say "This way up" with a giant ass arrow, they're not too difficult to align.
Gummy2014-03-08 05:37:12
the fuck is this console, did you find it in the garbage holy shit.
Meta_KnightX2014-03-11 21:56:40
Lol turn on the captions
Exiton2014-04-28 11:31:39
Internal graphics sucks. Also since the box is so small I doubt the CPU's radiator is big enough, and that probably means that the cooler is very noisy.
Badspot2014-04-28 11:47:07
@Exiton, right on all counts.
Bob2014-05-12 09:08:30
Wow its only beta guys!! thats why it is bad gamepad
Co-Myserius ghost2014-06-03 21:03:29
oN eno nac tefed em -By Rendermen
Co-Mysterius ghost2014-06-03 21:06:42
oN eno nac tefed em -By Rendermen (again)
2014-06-17 05:34:13
Port blockland for steambox (Best idea 2014)
Gen Skylord2014-06-28 13:45:06
The question is, Is it worth buying?
Bloxers2014-07-11 01:54:08
Wow, that controller is just.. shit. I prefer a regular joystick, not some fucked up track pad thing. I would rather just either put SteamOS on my pc, or use big picture mode. Honestly, to me, it wouldn't be worth my money.
2014-07-23 11:52:43
SuperCat2014-08-09 13:58:02
I am saving up for one of my own :)
2014-12-05 20:40:18
how can one person be so d***?

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