Admiral Hackett: And Shepard, I thought you might like to know I've got word on your mother.
Shepard: ...
Admiral Hackett: Hackett out.

Blank2012-03-22 19:52:25
What a jerk.
PGoeran2012-03-23 19:04:05
Hackett: Trolololo
Bob2012-03-23 22:09:16
To find out, buy the new DLC from EA!
Tesla2012-03-29 07:05:32
Bow chika wow wow
Mike2012-04-05 15:34:58
relax, it's a bug. he actually says something about the mother. but it's just standard bla-bla. but, this version gets shepard motivated, because you have to win the war to find out the terrible / normal fate of his/her mother

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