Va11Junior2018-08-03 21:06:24
johnnyws2018-08-02 12:12:30
hey badspot can I be unbanned from the forums yet
Badspot2018-07-31 22:38:04
I assure you they are separate parts and can be pressed. They are both made out of aluminum though.
A L E M2018-07-31 15:37:18
It looks like the buttons on the case are part of the case itself, meaning that they cant be pressed???
mario2018-07-30 22:43:08
riki2321gamer2018-07-30 22:35:37
can someone buy me a key
Infomaniac2018-07-26 06:47:12
Badspot2018-07-25 01:19:49
There's maybe $200 worth of parts in the prototype bot here, then another $150 or so for the controller. The whole project including mistakes, spare parts and tooling was probably around $2000

If you were going to make a just-for-fun kit, you could probably reduce the price by using plastic gears, a smaller battery, and a simpler way to put the frame together. There would still be too much hand labor involved in attaching the gears to the wheels though.
bill nye2018-07-23 18:06:52
>Not when you saw the price tag.
how much tho
kylo ren2018-07-23 17:49:03

^^ circet or wtvr page (downloaded + zipped html/files b/c of the whole expired cert thing), the article that the ceo posted was actually hilarious to read.
big2018-07-23 17:39:16
flareguy2018-07-22 04:27:05
you heck up my fac
Black and White is Stocking2018-07-21 07:51:40
How about no.
Blockland2018-07-20 19:47:31
Can you atleast just sell me? Dying isn't fun ;(
Badspot2018-07-19 02:33:41
^^^ South America ladies and gentlemen.
2018-07-18 03:08:50
you fucking animal how could you do this
Fede2018-07-17 23:23:37
Japoneses chotos con estos dibujos de mierda...vayanse todos al infierno hijos de la gran puta.
Diego2018-07-17 01:47:33
Son unos hijos de puta vitalizando esto por internet ojal no le pase nada a sus hijo Basura Humana.
auz2018-07-15 23:46:09
tap like if you up
Letoilenoire2018-07-13 11:52:01
A kid killed himself because of this image. You are technically killing children by spreading this on the internet....
benis2018-07-11 22:51:14
this is still my fav forum
2018-07-11 04:13:00
Anon2018-07-10 01:44:53
The forums are back up I think
2018-07-09 21:53:38
sonlinne2018-07-09 17:21:02
gotta go get some paypal money
chappers2018-07-09 16:42:11
tony was right necrobumping is a liberal sjw ploy
2018-07-09 16:27:24
dead again
Cblock3602018-07-09 16:14:55
>goes to log into the forums
>In maintenance mode
Drydess2018-07-09 16:09:03
nevermind i was lied to
Drydess2018-07-09 16:04:25
also if someone could tell badspot that you can post without key verification that'd be great
PK Freeze2018-07-09 15:59:40
To those still here: why the fuck you still here? The forums are back dummy.
Blockhead2018-07-09 15:56:37
sonlinne2018-07-09 15:53:57
why are people into inanimate objects with human genitals
Drydess2018-07-09 15:53:01
here we go again
dsaf2018-07-09 14:46:07
Congratulations!2018-07-09 13:36:42
To the gay man
ANNOUNCEMENT!2018-07-09 13:01:30
im gay
Corl Bonson2018-07-09 12:53:04
What's this about Arabs?
Cave Johnson2018-07-09 12:02:48
What's this about lemons?
Carl Johnson2018-07-09 11:54:11
What's that about trains?
PK Freeze2018-07-09 11:28:49
f just go back to roblox.
TableSalt2018-07-09 10:17:30
person above infinite gay
f2018-07-09 10:13:26
I dont have an account here, wont let me without buying ur shitty game, or have any idea wtf this is more a shitty minecraft ripoff but I came to say eat shit kidalex you pathetic fuck, go choke on the object dicks i drew and go fuck yourself
ChexGuy2018-07-09 09:18:59
it's funny when you click outside of an expanded tweet (to close it) and it takes you to the previous page instead of just closing the tweet

probably doesn't describe it well so for me it's like

looking at a user's profile -> click home -> expand tweet on TL, then close and end up back at the user's profile instead of twitter home
egg2018-07-09 08:00:48
good job. i like this
i also feel bad for badspot, always bothered about his goddamn game
Useless Adapter2018-07-09 07:53:47
perv2018-07-09 06:52:22
hey guys i'm completely serious when I say this: There's a doujinshi named "Do You Like Big Girls?" about a short guy becoming dorm manager for a women's volleyball team. It's actually the only hentai that I can say that I came for the porn, but stayed for the story and comedy. This shit is *GOLD*
Elektito2018-07-09 06:37:14
Lmao jazz is still assblasted. What a coincidence that he just HAPPENS to pop up right after the forum gets fucking pounded with the biggest leak in its history? Hmmm
ANNOUNCEMENT!2018-07-09 06:34:09
I don't think the hackers who caused the QUARINTINE was blox city. Hell, they were so humiliated they rebranded to brick planet and are essentially dead. The previous event like this was a site lockdown, possibly due to a hack. After this event, security will be much better. Having to lay low in the vault will be incredibly unlikely. Either way, try and join a temporary forum run by one of us
Jizz is wrong2018-07-09 06:25:17
There is no decline. We must keep typing random shit in the off top is section
The forums2018-07-09 06:22:16
Are dead.
JazZ sucks the2018-07-09 06:20:50
fattest doinks in the subway bathroom
2018-07-09 05:19:50
the forum 404 doesn't redirect here anymore Badspot
forums are dead2018-07-09 05:09:55
forums are dead
Mario2018-07-09 05:03:33
Soviet Narwhal2018-07-09 04:33:15
Look I always say bad things about furries, but I actually think they are pretty hot. Just all that fur rubbing together
JizZ2018-07-09 04:08:20
Haha nice post JIZZ
FelipeO_O2018-07-09 04:01:53
It's more secure :P
FelipeO_O2018-07-09 04:01:17
Let's just fucking use 4chan
stellarnatu2018-07-09 03:58:08
i teep kicked the blockland server and it screwed up the forums sorry
Grimlock2018-07-09 03:49:48
good to see JazZ is still as retarded as ever
Black and White2018-07-09 03:48:27
Wait who said I was stocking? that wasn't me.
JazZ2018-07-09 03:18:02
Since i am allowed to post on here i would like to note that the post one of my accounts was banned for is actually very accurate. The Blockland is dying post actually marked the statistical decline of the player base. Just thought after a couple of years since ive been gone id come back to remind you that your only source of fuel for your ego is slowly dying and you have nothing to move forward to except reality.
Smart Man2018-07-09 02:56:24
Making a new Return To Blockland is like making Despacito 2.
Gsterman2018-07-09 02:49:46
me too
cum2018-07-09 02:23:00
i cum
Moon Wolf2018-07-09 02:21:45
We got glass now
XXpussyslayerXX2018-07-09 02:18:30
good nobody wanted it anyway
Ephialtes2018-07-09 02:07:32
Just because of that comment, Return to Blockland 2 is canceled.
FelipeO_O2018-07-09 02:05:08
FelipeO_O2018-07-09 02:04:13
^ You may go fuck yourself ^
Ephialtes2018-07-09 02:03:05
Hi guys, it's Ephialtes. I am now announcing Return To Blockland 2, coming soon.
ann2018-07-09 01:58:07
hello i am retarded
Leland-Chan2018-07-09 00:42:21
New episode of Kid Temper Tantrum is up.
NalNalas2018-07-09 00:31:37
looking for furry foot pics hit me up at [email protected]
ikethegeneric real2018-07-09 00:31:00
i did it. i am the one who brought the forums down. you must pay ransom for your gay fucking lego forum to be brought back up. send me funnycoins at RCG2C34T786R5GF3RB8CFVY374T
bloxcity2018-07-09 00:23:53
play bloxcity really cool fun game at
Smart Man2018-07-09 00:22:08
A good story will always be tainted when a lgbqt character is put in, but a bad story where the main character is a straight white man with no flaws is saved.
Smart Man2018-07-09 00:18:18
Smart Man2018-07-09 00:17:39
Anon2018-07-09 00:15:53
How high is your IQ Smart Man? Do you watch Rick and Morty?
Smart Man2018-07-09 00:13:46
Did you know? The actor who played Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace had contemplated committing suicide when he was universally hated by both fans and critics.
Bender2018-07-09 00:11:58
All you ever do is complain
Forbidden2018-07-09 00:07:54
You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Smart Man2018-07-08 23:50:27
Also, the hit Iraqian anime Doraemon might actually be decent compared to RWBY? Which one do you think is better?
Smart Man2018-07-08 23:48:10
This is how a bee hive chooses their new queen.
Falco2018-07-08 23:47:57
No eliptats, I don't think it did.
eliptats2018-07-08 23:45:10
-Spllsthch- -Twplsh- Her lower abdomen distended, warped around the silhouette worming its way through her crotch, the lum swaying to and fro like the tail of an exciting dog displacing her organs in its rampart through her, delivering ache through every strained musculature It bent to the grub's girth. Rarity paralyzed to do nothing but witness her midsection mould like clay around the protrusion of the parasite, and feel her flower undulate with strain, clutching the width of the filthy maggot. In the stress she exuded heat, in the cooled caverns of the hive she felt sweat and gunk coagulate to cold blotches over her heat pricked coat
Th-this is unbearable, c-can't you j-just wriggle your wa-way back out, no? Y-you are really hurting-nng
-Slsltch- Her stomach swelled around the outlines of her occupant. Tension easing from her marehood as it glid over every chubby segment of the larva despite each stretch filling her with the sense of fitting on a dress two sizes too small only for the ache to percolate at her middle, belly billowing outward with her skin contorting in flabs matching the sections of the invader's form. -Splsltch- -Pllssh- A splatter of gunk fluttered from her crotch, as the lips engulfed the maggot, sealing itself shut in its wake, her abdomen buckling, bending, distorting by the grub worming up to the wall of her cervix.
P-please I-ll do anything, I-i can get you a proper mother, provide all manner of cute holed outfits a-and my friend is great at partie-. P-please, Rarity pleaded as she felt the prods turning into rams, her vagina already contorted to a highway, and now her cervix followed suit, pried apart by the horn and squirms of the grub seeking its way through her, following instinct, the mentality imposed on it by the hive mind's orders, primal urges, to make itself a mother.
EvilTree2018-07-08 23:43:56
Hi badspot
trueblood11112018-07-08 23:42:32
Everything is fucked. The forums wont come back
Falco2018-07-08 23:36:24
Wow, Smart Man. That server sounds pretty cool.
Smart Man2018-07-08 23:33:59
There was a server that some one made in which players could buy weapon loadouts and engage in close-quarters-combat in a variety of maps. It was a very cool server that must be revived!
ret2018-07-08 23:28:52
The late April Fool's joke is that our IPs were logged on here, and each comment will be traced to their respective forum accounts.
Smart Man2018-07-08 23:27:11
People who do not release finished game modes like Heed's TDM or Randomizer tdm are bad people.
Xeidious2018-07-08 23:15:33
Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.
Smart Man2018-07-08 22:51:29
Releasing Superkart early was a stupid decision from the developers. They didn't have to give in to demands, but they did. It was the developer's fault that Superkart failed.
Mario2018-07-08 22:51:21
Mario2018-07-08 22:51:21
urdad2018-07-08 22:48:50
i got three shiny articunos in pokemon go
Master King Deaddude2018-07-08 22:43:49
yeah same :/