ChexGuy3312008-03-16 14:29:28
Everything in Quake 1 was brown, too.
ChexGuy3312007-11-08 02:59:28
LOL, a Doom automap.
ChexGuy3312009-01-10 17:15:13
It's awesome because ES maps work in 1.6

But 1.6<1.5 from what I've heard.
ChexGuy3312008-11-22 03:39:53
Lol 1.5 with the glock pointed to the side-ish and the FUCKING TINY CROSSHAIR THAT YOU CAN'T GET IN 1.6 BUT CAN GET IN CSS.
ChexGuy3312008-11-22 03:34:10
Another thing, comments are broken on every single motorcity image. D:
ChexGuy3312008-11-22 03:32:45
Wow, this looks like it was made back in 1.5

I like the layout of this map better but the CSS pirate maps piss me off so I like motorcity better.
ChexGuy3312008-11-22 03:30:43
I like how 5-6 things out of 23 made it into AoT.
ChexGuy3312008-11-11 21:57:22
Sons of Valor was like an alpha AoT, right?
ChexGuy3312009-03-16 19:40:00
Anyone notice that the guy's hats are red and not green?
ChexGuy3312008-02-18 02:06:17
Hey, Badspot, release the airport. =D
ChexGuy3312007-10-02 21:52:36
I hate it when I have too many questions...

I can't get past the bar, what do I do?
ChexGuy3312007-10-01 20:42:14
Oh, ok.

Are you still working on this? It's fun, but hard.

With config.cs, can you also enable First Person mode? Or is the file that's in dso'd?
ChexGuy3312007-10-01 02:21:12
And no Vertical aiming.

ChexGuy3312007-10-01 02:19:37
Aw man, there's only one level.


Where's the airport?
ChexGuy3312008-11-22 03:36:29

ChexGuy3312009-06-04 17:45:14
You should redo the vid with physics. :D
ChexGuy3312009-07-30 14:25:46
Too fucking bad, Blockoman's the way to go. If you disagree, shove it up your ass.