Kivi2010-09-15 20:29:24
Dude, this looks fun, you have to make a little improvements like survival stages and stuff, and make this a online game! :D
Kivi2010-08-27 00:16:30
I draw like that but i gotta make this in Blockland!
Kivi2010-08-27 00:14:04
Did the monster crap himself? ._.
Kivi2010-08-27 00:11:46
Dont press the red button ._.
Kivi2010-08-27 00:11:02
Kivi2010-08-27 00:09:51
Best headshot ive ever seen :D
Kivi2010-08-27 00:08:04
Kivi2010-08-27 00:06:50
I'd kill to have sex with her 8D
Kivi2010-08-27 00:05:24
Take it off! 8D
Kivi2010-08-27 00:04:22