ERIC2021-12-09 23:38:27
What a weird fucking dude. Probably fucks kids.
Eric2005-09-27 13:42:11
Its an old video game console with a built in monitor and vector graphics. [url][/url]
Eric2005-11-11 19:36:44
Nope, it's just the lensflare at sunset with trails on.
Eric2005-10-03 14:40:47
Most of them aren't as good as they look in this screenshot :D
They look pretty weak in first person view. Although i am using the broadsword, dagger, potion, and shield models in AoT already.
Eric2005-11-26 17:36:21
Yeah, I had it driving around but no matter how much you tweak the vehicle physics in torque they still suck. And in those days they used to crash the engine to boot.
Eric2005-09-27 13:44:31
Yep. It's a souped up version of the cookie from commander keen 4/5
Eric2005-09-24 13:45:41
Thanks. Have a cookie for being the first person to post a comment :cookie:
Eric2005-09-15 19:14:19
SUPER Test Comment 2 EX TURBO!!
Eric2005-10-03 14:38:10
Its really good for natural media type stuff. The feel of the brushes is very realistic and much smoother than photoshop. Photoshop has more compositing options though. You can get a pretty good deal if you buy it with a tablet [url][/url]