Jungle Ranger2009-01-28 17:48:13
I dont get it! But it sounds epic.
Jungle Ranger2009-01-28 17:50:48
Hey Badspot.
This is some sort of epic FAIL.
Don't get me wrong. It's just random and pointless
Jungle Ranger2009-01-28 17:49:31
Badspot. I am pissed becuase you banned me from fourms!
I like the title!
But it needs a purpouse lol.
Jungle Ranger2009-04-11 19:14:48
Yes this game can be bought, and there is a demo at:

Dooshbag(Fix: dOUCHEbag)
PROTIP: This game is Bridge Construction, something like that
GAMESIZE: That car is a hatchback.
Jungle Ranger2009-01-28 17:55:16
Hey Badspot
It so is that the BL players are diffrent (as your know) in V10,
Wondering when v11 is coming out. PLEASE give us an accual date for release
Jungle Ranger2009-04-11 19:08:55
Yes I LOVE it, but is it possible in Blockland? That is a pretty good question.