Comic SkullCandy Suicide

Amaya2011-09-16 01:14:47
Plant2011-09-16 03:45:37
Skullcandy should have been smarter than to ask for a ban. But as I see it that asshole DrenDran literally trolled and bullied him into getting himself banned.
Badspot2011-09-16 05:20:38
Calling someone out on their bullshit story isn't trolling or bullying.
Eepos2011-09-16 23:26:28
This is funny.
2011-09-20 17:17:13
This i why i love mailbag
2011-10-03 20:49:47
Of course opinions wont come without insults from you, badspot.
2011-10-03 20:54:47
You break your community to a ghetto stage with your way of arguments.
You see, today everywhere on blockland forums I see problems of one user trying to eliminate the other. It was all based off your actions and now you watch it burn,
You couldn't care less, but everyone looks up at you.
2011-10-03 20:57:22
Truth or not, skull candy resisted it to be a hoax, which then you led him to breaking point where he broke down and called it quits.
I hope skull candy sees now that this isn't a good community. Im glad he got banned.
Badspot2011-10-04 02:12:42
I'm not bringing insults, just facts:


BLID: 12367
Forum Name: StupidPanda
Permanently banned for spamming pages of giant text, self-declared trolling and generally being a retard. You never made any attempt at a rational post.

You might have more luck with communities if you actually tried participating in them instead of just flinging shit everywhere.
MP67672011-10-23 01:09:29
Lol... Flinging shit.
Cancel.2011-11-25 19:58:48
CIA BLOCKLAND.. right there folks
Lozenge2012-07-15 18:44:25
dwdqd2012-08-10 02:58:47

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