Darkness2012-09-21 06:51:39
So is the new years party at your place this year?
Darkness2012-02-08 00:59:35
Badspot, come to the rescue of this post!
Darkness2012-02-03 05:48:01
It's just a scratch.
Darkness2011-07-08 17:18:56
Do they sell T-Shirts? I'd like one in rainbow.
Darkness2011-07-08 17:12:55
Try for a barrel roll.
Darkness2011-07-01 18:17:44
Darkness2011-07-01 18:17:23
I enjoy ceese also, Mr. Hartman.
Darkness2011-06-04 15:48:35
MsFranis: Tehehehehe
MsZoey:Hur Dur
Darkness2011-02-16 22:50:50
I can't install it.