tony02222010-07-27 18:24:01
Badspot, maybe you should work on age of time and make it retail, then you would have 2 income sources.
tony02222010-06-03 01:35:41
I got pissed and threw my SNES through a window, how did you manage to win? lol
tony02222010-05-02 21:28:43
damn nice ass on her. great job badspot.
tony02222010-01-29 18:14:51
I posted that post above^ that says badspot sayd it, lolz
tony02222010-01-29 18:10:52
omg, keep working on male model and update plz, blockland was just updated to v14 yesterday for me and i would love to see male in age of time.

(no im not gay you pervs)
tony02222010-01-29 18:06:23
Why did you stop working on this?!?! it was a master piece....