counter2013-09-21 18:31:03
Schaudenfreude is schaudenfreude, no matter what. Trolls, ban-happy mods, hackers, pranksters, there all people underneath. Every goddamn person does it. No eexceptios
Counter2013-09-21 18:22:44
Badspot can draw men. He broke his first rule.
counter2013-09-21 18:21:31
Using in-game signs rather than pop-up doesn't constitute "teaching by level design". Usually this teaching-by-level design stuff happens at the unconscious level. Super Mario Bros. Did and does this already. Look at Braid. It's a great platformer, teaches by level design, and use time-manipulation in clever puzzles. The action-based plat former concept has already been dominated by titles like super mario brothers and psychonaughts. You could also go for a VVVVVV approach.
counter2013-09-21 18:15:01
gourmet meat-flavored fatsauce
Counter2013-09-21 18:12:42
Insert something about tterminator here.
counter2013-09-21 18:11:42
"Ugly" is not an excuse. Super Mario Bros. Is friggin' UGLY. They still sell it TO THIS DAY, that same ugly game. But it's still great. Einstein was an ugly old man, but a brilliant motherfucker too.
counter2013-09-21 18:07:19
@Tonkka Age of Time lacks building, add-on systems, jet shoes, mini games, etc. I could go on.
Block land's terrain made the game surreal. It felt like a solid game. BL feels unfinished now. Driving on the brick terrain ends up with me getting stuck in the brick geomoetry 45% of the time, even on the smoothest ramp terrain. Modular terrain doesn't fix it. Smooth inclines don't work. It ends up being a buggy mess. Brick and modter terrain has advantages, but a lot of times for vehicular combat, RPG's, plane driving, sailing, building,I wish I could use thee terrain that was great. The "land" has been taken out of Block land, because the maps are dimensional pieces of infinite paper.
counter2013-07-06 21:13:37
Your APB character is faaaar too skinny. My friend who plays this (Yes, she's actually a girl) has a normal and sexy-looking back map. Although she made her character's ass a little too big.
counter2012-09-15 19:36:13
people love stupid retro platformer games! This'll make millions of dollars!

ok, im sure this has some 'unique' aspects too, but so do all modern retro platformers. I hope this game is really, really unique.
counter2012-09-03 23:01:07
version twenty-one is out. :(
counter2012-02-22 21:58:42