Quontos2015-01-15 03:10:53
I love how you draw da boobs.
Quontos2012-02-13 05:21:51
Everyone asks you the same questions badspot, and im sure that if someone could get an interview with you, it would awnser around 65-70% of the everyday bullshit questions, then you wouldn't have to repeat yourself... or as you would have it, ignore them completly.
Quontos2012-02-01 19:02:30
It looks like Mario can overdose on shrooms and have a backup life to spare!
Quontos2012-02-01 18:59:02
Thats all i need for my daily motivation!
Not to mention my Anger Management!
Quontos2012-02-01 18:56:18
Oh, and my other favorite part.
"One blow isn't enough, hes too hard!"
You never fail to supply me with a good laugh, Eric.
Quontos2012-02-01 18:49:13
We could have avoided the loss of limbs!
But then Smuckers would be out of business...
Not to mention how boring it would be if no one got torn apart in screaming vicious, torturous, painful agony, right?
Quontos2011-09-04 11:55:17
God i hate this shitty laptop, it always double-posts shit...
Quontos2011-09-04 11:54:32
And i woulda buried the bodies :D
Quontos2011-09-04 11:54:28
And i woulda buried the bodies :D
Quontos2011-08-06 02:21:21
I love how you draw da boobs.