Insanerperson2006-06-30 03:48:16
... what?
Insanerperson2006-04-09 08:21:50
Do some for bridge construction set!
Insanerperson2006-04-20 17:58:23
We need the pike.
Insanerperson2006-07-20 18:04:05
oh it DOES say oldest.
Insanerperson2006-07-20 18:03:32
It said oldest? I thought it said largest. D=
Insanerperson2006-07-20 00:15:36
Insanerperson2006-07-20 00:07:56
D= I changed my mind about bl, it doesnt suck D=
Insanerperson2006-02-17 01:39:59
WOO THAT ROCKED! and badspot please delete The account insanerperson i fucked it up and made it so i forgot its pass............... i will tell you what it used to be but not in ths in AOT
Insanerperson2007-10-25 16:56:14
Look I hated blockland because of its fanbase and how it looked sorta crappy, but now it doesnt look crappy and the fanbase isnt bad, in fact I abandoned AoT for it.
Insanerperson2006-10-16 21:57:26
... God damn badspot, you are removing my hatred of blockland!
Insanerperson2006-06-23 17:48:29
Thats captain Kirk there in the tunnels where they tested the genisis device under that one planet... It's after Khan beams up the genisis device from there. Go watch the wrath of Khan people.