Boomshicleafaunda2010-04-20 23:02:22
You should have done a 180, and gone into reverse.
Boomshicleafaunda2010-04-20 23:01:23
When does V11 come out?
Boomshicleafaunda2009-12-05 03:08:03
Dang it. I lost the game. :/
Boomshicleafaunda2009-12-05 03:06:36
Lol. I find it funny that banning could be illegal. It can't. :P

On the forums, Badspot is god. So it's stfu or gtfo.
Boomshicleafaunda2009-12-05 03:04:19
Yeah, she does look a little too buff.
Boomshicleafaunda2009-12-05 03:03:12
I want a dog like that. XD
Boomshicleafaunda2009-10-26 23:00:47
This reminds me of Samus Aran.