Crown2013-07-19 18:59:28
boy I sure was stupid.
Crown2010-10-20 17:59:13
Badspot, is the a screenie where it SAYS im sharing? because I know damn well that im not.
Crown2010-10-20 16:52:34
Dude im not fucking sharing an account with Poi now PLEASE unban me i dont know why the fuck your log shit said that but I AM NOT SHARING A MOTHERFUCKING ACCOUNT WITH POI!!@!#$%^&@*(!)_
Crown2010-10-20 14:21:42
What the fuck im not sharing that you have no right to disable that. im the only freaking person who uses that key How the FUCK did you come up with that badspot
Crown2010-10-13 19:00:12
I dont need to use the forums, I just think its retarded that Badspot thinks im a scammer.. I dont see how he has any proof I have scammed someone. I chat with my friends on Blockland and I host thats it. I dont go around scamming people.

P.S. Im not bitching ^_^
Crown2010-10-06 19:21:05
Badspot is just stupid and doesn't get that people age and change.
Crown2010-09-05 17:36:38
Sorry double post my computer was being stupid =
Crown2010-09-05 17:33:02
I am not a criminal, im not even 17 okay? I have not scammed one person in my life, If I do some back to Blockland you should not ban me I do not plan on really talking at all I just want to play again. I would not host I do not want to do anything with other peoples keys I want to keep one key, Mine and not "scam" anyone. You'll see =)

-Crown (yes this is me I am at my friends house)
Crown2010-09-05 17:03:43
I think I will come back to Blockland, im not going to do anything bad. Do not ban meI will stay off the forums so don't worry. I won't "Scam" anyone.

-Crown (Yes its the real me I am at a friends house)
Crown2010-08-25 21:17:15
Well your not going to beleive me but, thats a bunch of shit. Yes poiuyt is an idoit. I dont buy keys from him I dont even talk to him. I hope a bus runs over your fat ass.
Crown2010-08-25 19:54:56

>phishing scams

Crown2010-08-25 18:47:10
BaDsPoT your a self centered ass hole. You don't even care about this game as long as you get at least 100$ a day. your updates are shitty. YOU ARE SHITTY.

Oh yeah and remember when you banned me? You said I had stolen keys.. Right well you see theres something in real life called "Friends" I dont know if you have any but see some of them play blockland, and sometimes they play blockland at my house. So you can always count on IPs being there.

im never going to this site again, if you wanted to talk to me. Yes I do play runescape my name is Yeahnope!

P.S. If anyone sees Kalpiter, tell him I called him a FAG =)
Crown2010-08-09 22:07:11
I agree with LewnaJa. . . Sence I have quit blockland I see this game is going to crash and burn. With a fagged up owner, Retards all over the place. 1 to many Kalpiters. Over time so many people will be spending 20$ and making badspot richer and richer. As the game grows older there will be hacking, I bet.

Badspot, You can suck my balls